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Irwin Allen Filmography

The Irwin Allen Show

Radio 1941-1952, TV 1949-51

The Irwin Allen Show on KLAC-TVThe Irwin Allen Show was a regular radio show produced and presented by Irwin Allen from the early 1940s to the early 1950s. In each show Irwin interviewed celebrities, went behind the scenes at movie productions, and discussed the arts. The show fitted in well with his media column in newspapers. The Irwin Allen Show (also sometimes referred to as Hollywood Merry-Go-Round) was broadcast at various times of the day (even midnight some weeks), and usually on a Sunday. It was initially broadcast on the station KMTR which was later (12 March 1946) sold and renamed to KLAC on 570 on the broadcasting dial.

In the late 1940's at the advent of television broadcasting, Irwin Allen transferred his radio show onto the KLAC-TV channel (Channel 13). The show was also known as "Hollywood Merry-Go-Round" (also the name of his syndicated newspaper column) and was a celebrity quiz show with famous movie stars amongst the panel guests. This show ran for around three years and Irwin continued his radio show at the same time.

As you can see from Irwin Allen's filmography, he gradually migrated to producing movies, starting with a number with Irving Cummings Jr.

If anyone knows of any recordings of his radio or TV shows, we would be fascinated to hear or watch them. You can contact us via the IANN Contact Page.