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The Time Travellers


The Time Travellers

Television Movie

Year: 1976

Director: Alexander Singer

US Premiere: 19 March 1976

Copyright 1976 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

Plot Summary

Two scientists travel through time in search of a cure for a mysterious epidemic. They find themselves in Chicago in 1871, the day before the great fire.


The Cast of The Time Travelers

The Cast of The Time Travelers

Sam Groom - Dr. Clint Earnshaw
Tom Hallick - Jeff Adams
Francine York - Dr. Helen Sanders
Booth Colman - Dr. Amos Cummings
Richard Basehart - Dr. Joshua P. Henderson
Trish Stewart - Jane Henderson
Walter Brooke - Dr. Stafford
Patrick Culliton - Jim Younger, patient in hospital
Dort Clark - Sharkey, patient force-fed a tablet
Jon Cedar - Pegleg
Gil Lamb - Hansom Cabby
Ed Ness - Joe, hospital attendant
Kathleen Bracken - Katherine, Irish Apprentice Nurse
Richard Webb - Police Sergeant
Victoria Meyerink - Betty, sick Pom-Pom Girl from Mardi Gras parade
Fred Borden - Band Master
Baynes Barron - Fire Chief Williams
Albert Cole - News Vendor
Regis Parton - Policeman who catches Adams with Sharkey
Rita Lupino - Prostitute
Robert Burton - Clarence, Jane's Suiter

Unknown Credits :

Nurse in present day hospital
Attendant in present day hospital
Nancy Johnson, a sick girl
Second Policeman

Production Crew

Director of Photography - Fred Jackman
Producer - Irwin Allen
Teleplay - Jackson Gillis
Story - Rod Serling
Director - Alexander Singer
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Art Director - Eugene Lourie
Executive Production Manager - Mark Evans
Unit Production Manager - Wes McAfee
Assistant Director - Gil Mandelik
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Film Editor - Bill Brame A.C.E.
Music - Morton Stevens
Music Supervision - Lionel Newman
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich C.D.G.
Production Coordinator - Art Volpert
Casting - Marvin Paige
Program Consultant - Herman Rush
Set Decorator - Antony Modello
Sound Mixer - Herman Lewis
Colour - Deluxe


This television movie is also spelt "The Time Travelers". Francine York and Patrick Culliton guest starred in several of Irwin Allen's shows. Richard Basehart is of course Admiral Nelson in Irwin Allen's television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Sam Groom starred in The Time Tunnel and Hanging by a Thread. Tom Hallick appeared in the mini-series The Return of Captain Nemo. Note that this movie is now available on the second volume of the US DVD set for The Time Tunnel and the UK Complete Time Tunnel DVD set.


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