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The Memory Of Eva Ryker


The Memory of Eva Ryker

Television Movie

Year: 1980

Director: Walter E. Grauman

US Premiere: 7 May 1980

A Warner Bros Production

Plot Summary

Natalie Wood plays both mother and daughter in this story of a woman haunted by the past. Based on the novel by Donald A. Stanwood.


Natalie Wood - Eva / Claire Ryker
Robert Foxworth - Norman Hall
Ralph Bellamy - William E. Ryker
Roddy McDowall - MacFarland
Bradford Dillman - Jason Eddington
Jean-Pierre Aumont - Inspector Laurier
Peter Graves - Mike Rogers
Mel Ferrer - Dr. Sanford
Morgan Fairchild - Lisa Eddington
Robert Hogan - J.H. Martin
Tonya Crowe - Young Eva
Vince Howard - Albert Thompson
Ella Raino Edwards - Martha Thompson
John Alderson - Sheriff in Australia
Len Wayland - Commander Masterson
Ted Gehring - Lieutenant Galbraith
William Beckley - Leeds
Eric Sinclair - Deck Officer
Keith McConnell - Captain Blake
John Orchard - Burke
Jorge Cervera Jr. - Gardener
John Furlong - Doctor
Terrence E. McNally - Launch Helmsman

Production Crew

Editor - John A. Fegan Jr.
Art Director - Duane Alt
Director of Photography - John M. Nickolaus, A.S.C.
Additional Photography - Al Francis, A.S.C.
Produced by - Irwin Allen
Based on a Novel by - Donald A. Stanwood
Teleplay - Laurence Heath
Director - Walter E. Grauman
Associate Producer/Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Unit Production Manager - William L. Young
First Assistant Director - Mike Kusley
Second Assistant Director - Richard H. Prince
Story Editor - Norman Katkov
Music - Richard LaSalle
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich
Special Effects - Marlowe Newkirk
Production Illustrator - Joseph Musso
Set Decorator - Stuart Reiss
Sound Editor - Edwin Scheid
Sound Mixer - Alan Bernard


Robert Hogan was in the Marionettes episode of Land of the Giants. You may also recognise Tonya Crowe from Knots Landing. Mel Ferrer also starred in The Return of Captain Nemo and Roddy McDowall starred in The Poseidon Adventure and Flood. First aired in the US on 7 May 1980, and in the UK on Sunday 21 June 1981 on BBC1 at 7.15pm. The ship scenes for The Memory of Eva Ryker were filmed aboard the Queen Mary at Long Beach.

Alternative Titles

France: Les diamants de l'oubli
Japan: エヴァのメモリライカー


Memory of Eva Ryker Novel

Memory of Eva Ryker paperback by Donald A. Stanwood (#ad)