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Where Danger Lives


Where Danger Lives


Year: 1950

Director: John Farrow

US Premiere: 14 July 1950

Copyright 1950 RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

Plot Summary

Robert Mitchum plays a young physician who becomes involved with a woman who is bordering on insanity. Faith Domergue plays the woman who hates her elderly, millionaire husband. She convinces Mitchum that he has murdered her husband, and draws him into her web of madness.


Robert Mitchum - Dr. Jeff Cameron
Faith Domergue - Margo Lannington
Claude Rains - Frederick Lannington
Maureen O'Sullivan - Julie Dorn
Charles Kemper - Postville Police Chief
Ralph Dumke - Klauber, the Pawnbroker
Billy House - Mr. Bogardus, Postville JP
Harry Shannon - Dr. Maynard
Philip Van Zandt - Milo DeLong
Jack Kelly - Dr. James Mullenbach
Lillian West - Mrs. Bogardus

Uncredited roles (courtesy IMDB):

Dorothy Abbott - Nurse Clerk
Philip Ahlm - Customs Officer
Carlos Albert - Customs Officer
Marie Allison - Girl
Stanley Andrews - Dr. Matthews
Tol Avery - Honest Hal, Used Cars
William Bailey - Man
Gene Barnes - Tipsy Youth
Phil Boutelje - Pianist
Hazel Boyne - Woman
Clifford Brooke - Lanningtons' Butler
Helen Brown - Nurse
Gordon Clark - Attendant
Bob Coleman - Airport Official
Amilda Cuddy - Hawaiian
Herschel Daugherty - Desk Clerk
Lester Dorr - Postville Deputy
Jimmie Dundee - Taxi Driver
Art Dupuis - Intern
Julia Faye - Nurse "Doll" Seymour
Gerry Ganzer - Stewardess
Maxine Gates - Girl in Act
William E. Green - Doctor
Florence Hamblin - Hawaiian
Betty Hannon - Girl
Len Hendry - Policeman
Earle Hodgins - Postville Cowboy
Stuart Holmes - Man
Don House - Policeman
Sherry Jackson - Girl in Iron Lung
Jerry James - Policeman
Linda Johnson (Leighton) - Airport Desk Clerk
Marvin Jones - Policeman
Geraldine Jordan - Woman
Jack Kruschen - Cosey, Ambulance Driver
Ethan Laidlaw - Postville Cowboy
Mike Lally - Customs Officer
Ruth Lewis - Nurse Collins
Frank Leyva - Mexican
Grace MacNaughton - Girl
Allen Mathews - Waiter
Tina Menard - Cashier
Steve Pendleton - Policeman at Roadblock
Joey Ray - Policeman
Elaine Riley - Nurse Bates
Julian Rivero - Pablo
Carl Saxe - Policeman
John Sheehan - Quartz Miner
George Sherwood - Quartz Miner
Carl Sklover - Man
Angela Stevens - Woman
Robert Stevenson - Assistant Clerk
David Stollery - Dickie, boy patient
Brick Sullivan - Customs Officer
Ray Teal - Sheriff Joe Borden
Marie Thomas - Stewardess
Ernö Verebes - Waiter
Geraldine Wall - Annie, Nurse
Duke York - Postville cowboy

Production Crew

Producer - Irving Cummings Jr.
Associate Producer - Irwin Allen
Director - John Farrow
Story - Leo Rosten
Screenplay - Charles Bennett
Director of Photography - Nicholas Musuraca, A.S.C.
Art Directors - Albert S. D'Agostino, Ralph Berger
Music - Roy Webb
Musical Director - C. Bakaleinikoff
Set Decoration - Darrell Silvera, John Sturtevant
Film Editor - Eda Warren
Sound - John Tribby, Clem Portman
Gown Designer - Michael Woulfe
Makeup Artist - Mel Berns
Hair Stylist - Larry Germain


  • Irwin Allen's early films were all in collaboration with producer Irving Cummings Jr.
  • Irving Cummings, Jr. and Irwin Allen set up a production company called Westwood Productions, Inc. and Where Danger Lives was the first movie made by this company.
  • The original story, an unpublished novel by Leo Rosten, was called A White Rose for Julie and this was the working title during the early stages of production.
  • Other stars considered for the movie were Robert Ryan and Larraine Day.
  • Filming began in January 1950.
  • Faith Domergue's appearance in this movie was preceded by a tremendous amount of publicity. She had been under contract to Howard Hughes for ten years prior to the movie and was groomed for a starring role such as this.
  • Director John Farrow was Mia Farrow's father and husband of Maureen O'Sullivan who played Julie Dorn.
  • Tol Avery (Honest Hal) guest starred in some of Irwin Allen's other productions including Lost in Space (Fugitives in Space) and Land of the Giants (The Shell Game). Director John Farrow heard Tol Avery's voice on the radio and consequently cast him to appear in this movie.
  • Sherry Jackson (Girl in Iron Lung) later appeared in Lost in Space (The Space Croppers). Angela Stevens was also known as Ann Zika.
  • Charles Kemper who played Postville Police Chief sadly died on 12th May 1950, two months before the movie premiered on 14th July 1950.
  • Russ Case and his orchestra released a single of the instrumental theme "Margot" from this movie.

Alternative Titles

Belgium: Voyage Sans Retour
Chile: La Rosa Blanca
Italy: Una Rosa Bianca per Giulia
Venezuela: Una Rosa Blanca para Julia


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