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Hanging By A Thread


Hanging by a Thread

Two Part Television Mini-Series

Year: 1979

Director: Georg Fenady

US Premiere: 8 May 1979

Plot Summary

A Cable-Car is disabled high up above a mountain gorge, giving its occupants plenty of time to reflect on the past.


Sam Groom - Paul Craig
Patty Duke Astin - Sue Grainger
Joyce Bulifant - Anita Minton
Oliver Clark - Eddie Minton
Bert Convy - Alan Durant
Burr DeBenning - Jim Grainger
Peter Donat - Mr. Durant
Deanna Lund - Mrs. Martin
Donna Mills - Ellen Craig
Cameron Mitchell - Lawton
Paul Fix - The Old Man (the gangland boss)
Roger Perry - Mitchell
Michael Sharrett - Tommy Craig
Ted Gehring - Jim Croft
Lonny Chapman - Charles Minton
Jacquelyn Hyde - Mrs. Durant
Brendon Boone - Marty
Steve Marlo - Turk
Elizabeth Rogers - Maggie Porter
James W. Gavin - Les Fielding
Doug Llewelyn - Bobby Graham
Larry Berman - Pierce
Bill Marlowe - Burton
Randy Gray - Alan Durant (as a child, age 10)

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Writer - Adrian Spies
Director - Georg Fenady
Director of Photography - John M Nickolaus, A.S.C.
Production Executive - Arthur Weiss
Art Director - Duane Alt
Film Editor - Jamie Caylor, A.C.E.
Unit Production Manager - Floyd Joyer
First Assistant Director - Jack Oliver
Second Assistant Director - Terrance Croghan
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Music - Richard La Salle
Story Editors - Norman Katkov, Arthur Weiss
Specia Effects Editors - Bill Rivol, M.P.S.E., Sid Lubow, Allan R. Potter
Music Editor - Tony Milch
Sound Mixer - Don Rush
Executive Assistant to Producer - Art Volpert
Program Consultant - Herman Rush
Publicity - Tony Habeeb
Casting - Jack Baur
Costume Design - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Assistant Art Director - Phil Bennett
Set Decorator - Gary Moreno
Make up artists - Stephen Gautier, Charles House
Hair Stylists - Janice Cook, Stephen A. Elsebree


Features many Irwin Allen regulars including Sam Groom, Steve Marlo, Elizabeth Rogers, Paul Carr and Deanna Lund. First shown in the US on Tuesday 8 May 1979 and in the UK on Sunday 2nd March 1980 on BBC 1 at 7.15 and 9pm.

Alternative Titles

Venezuela: Colgando de un Hilo


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