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When Time Ran Out


When Time Ran Out


Year: 1980


US Premiere: Friday 28 March 1980

An International Cinema Corporation Presentation
Copyright 1980 Warner Bros Inc.

Plot Summary

A Polynesian island is threatened by a volcanic eruption.


Paul Newman - Hank Anderson
Jacqueline Bisset - Kay Kirby
William Holden - Shelby Gilmore
Edward Albert - Brian Kalakau
Red Buttons - Francis Xavier Fendly
Barbara Carrera - Iolani
Valentina Cortesa - Rose Valdez
Veronica Hamel - Nikki Spangler
Alex Karras - Tiny Baker
Burgess Meredith - Rene Valdez
Ernest Borgnine - Tom Conti
James Franciscus - Bob Spangler
John Considine - John Webster
Sheila Allen - Mona Terrehine
Pat Morita - Sam Terrehine
Lonny Chapman - Kelly
Darrell Larson - Howard, Webster's Assistant
Sandy Kenyon - Henderson
Marcus Mukai - Wrangler
Ted Gehring - Durant
Joe Papalimu - Joe, Children's Father
Jaylin Maureen Acol - Girl
Reed Derwin Acol - Boy
Ava Readdy - Delores
Glynn Rubin - Marsha
Takayo Doran - Secretary
James Gavin - Helicopter Hijacker
M. James Arnett - Jim
Marcia Nicholson - Hotel Guest
Barbara Costello - Woman in Bar
Bill Smillie - Man in Bar
Steven Marlo - Co-Pilot
Esmond Chung - Man
Jeffrey McDevitt - Doctor
John J.H. Springer Jr. - Tennis Pro
Gayle Kananiokalapontigay - Waitress
Hank Hart - Hotel Guest
Sally Garrison - Hotel Guest
Mary L. Murphy - Hotel Guest
Hal Jacques - Hotel Guest
Edward S. Wheeler III - 1st Male Guest
David Bair - 2nd Male Guest


Bobby Bass
Rita Egleston
Donna Garrett
Roger Ito
Tom Huff
Tom Lupo
Gary Epper
Jonathan Yarborough
Stan Barrett
Danny Rogers
Fred Waugh
Robyn Lundin
Ron Stein
Jan Michael Shultz
Chuck Tamburro
Gary McLarty
Alan Gibbs
Beth Nufer
Justin De Rosa
Janet Brady
Regina Parton
Terry Green

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Music - Lalo Schifrin
Editors - Edward Biery, A.C.E., Freeman A. Davies
Production Designer - Philip M. Jefferies
Director of Photography - Fred J. Koenekamp, A.S.C.
Based on Novel "The Day the World Ended" - Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts
Screenplay - Carl Foreman, Stirling Silliphant
Director - James Goldstone
Associate Producers - Al Gail, George E. Swink
Unit Production Manager - Mike Salamunovich
Assistant Director - L. Andrew Stone
Second Assistant Directors - Robert P. Cohen, Emmitt Leon O'Neil
Special Photographic Effects - L. B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich, C.D.G.
Executive Assistant to Producer - Art Volpert
Publicity - Tony Habeeb
Casting - Jack Baur
Art Director - Russell C. Menzer
Supervising Sound Editor - Edwin Scheid, M.P.S.E.
Sound Editors - Allan R. Potter, Gene Eliot, Joe Von Stroheim, M.P.S.E., Sid Lubow
Music Editor - Eugene Marks
Looping Editor - Al Cavigga
Process Photography - Harold Wellman, A.S.C.
Miniature Photography - Stanley Cortez, A.S.C.
Script Supervisor - Alan Greedy
Dialogue Coach - Steven Marlo
Stunt Coordinator - M. James Arnett
Production Illustrators - Joseph Musso, Tom Cranham
Assistant Film Editors - Barry Mark Gorden, Debra Gail
Optical Effects Coordinator - Barrett Taylor
Optical Effects - Peter Donen (Cinema Research Corp.), Donald E. Cook (Modern Film Effects)
Production Mixer - Herman Lewis
Music Scoring Mixer - Danny Wallin
Re-recording Mixers - Vern Poore, C.A.S., Dick Alexander, C.A.S., Andy MacDonald, C.A.S.
Camera Operators - Mike Benson, Bob Bergdahl
Assistant Cameraman - Ed Morey III
Gaffer - Gene Stout
Set Decorator - Stuart Reiss
Property Master - Sam Moore
Assistant to the Producer - Jane Koltvet
Executive Assistant to Mr. Goldstone - Jan Franklin
Location Manager - Gene Fioramonti
Special Effects - Robert MacDonald, Joe Unsinn
Construction Coordinator - Harold Broner
Production Secretary - Nancy Claycomb
Makeup Artists - Leo Lotito, Chuck Crafts, Mike Germain
Body Makeup Artist - Jane English
Hair Stylists - Darby Hoppin, Lee Crawford
Orchestrations - Jack Hayes
Vocal Effects Advisor - Allison Caine
Men's Wardrobe - Dick James, Tom Johnson
Women's Wardrobe - Lucia De Martino, Hazel Allensworth, Linda Henrikson
Still Photography - John Monte
Negative Cutting - Donah Bassett
Lead Man - John Walker
Transportation Captain - Pat Desmond
Transportation Captain (Location) - Harry Ueshiro
Titles - Pacific Title


Filmed in Hawaii and at the Burbank Studios in California. Originally called The Day the World Ended.

Alternative Titles

France: Le jour de la fin du monde
Germany: Der Tag, an dem die Welt Unterging
Italy: Ormai non c'è più Scampo
Japan: 世界崩壊の序曲
Portugal: O Dia em Que o Mundo Acabou
Spain: El Día del fin del Mundo


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