Double Dynamite


Double Dynamite


Year: 1951

Director: Irving Cummings

US Premiere: 25 December 1951

Copyright 1951 RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.

Plot Summary

Comedy where Frank Sinatra plays a bank clerk who is accused of theft.


Jane Russell - Mildred 'Mibs' Goodhue
Groucho Marx - Emile J. Keck
Frank Sinatra - Johnny Dalton
Don McGuire - R.B. 'Bob' Pulsifer Jr.
Howard Freeman - R.B. Pulsifer Sr.
Nestor Paiva - 'Hot Horse' Harris, the Bookie
Frank Orth - Mr. Kofer
Harry Hayden - J.L. McKissack, the Bank Manager
William Edmunds - Mr. Baganucci
Russ Thorson - IRS Tailman
Fred Aldrich - Policeman
William Bailey - Bank Guard
Benny Burt - Nick, Waiter at the Hotel
Steve Carruthers - Restaurant Patron
George Chandler - Messenger Delivering Mink Coat
Jack Chefe - Pierre, the Chef
Charles Coleman - Second Santa Claus outside Stylebest Shirt Shop
Hal K. Dawson - Mr. Hartman from Store Complaints Department
Jean De Briac - Henri, the Maitre D'
Dickie Derrel - Boy
Joe Devlin - Frankie Boy
Helen Dickson - Bank Teller
Claire Du Brey - Stylebest Shirt Shop Manager
Bill Erwin - Man
Jack Gargan - Bookmaker
Kenneth Gibson - Man in Bank
Harold Goodwin - Police Lieutenant
Dick Gordon - Bookie
Jack Jahries - Man
Virgil Johanson - Santa Claus outside Bank
Kermit Kegley - Leftie, the Goon
Kenner G. Kemp - Man in Bookie Parlor
Harry Kingston - Goon
Mike Lally - Man
Tom London - Grinning Police Patrolman
Wilbur Mack - Committee Man
Harry Mayo - Policeman
Ida Moore - Sewing Room Supervisor
Al Murphy - Waiter
Jim Nolan - Detective
Lou Nova - Max, Hood in Santa Claus Suit
Gil Perkins - Bookie
Lee Phelps - Detective
Charles Regan - Man
Dick Rush - Policeman
Jeffrey Sayre - Customer outside Bank
Harry Seymour - Rosenthal, Police Dispatcher
Billy Snyder - Wire Service Man
Charles Sullivan - Sam, Police Sergeant
Lillian West - Hotel Maid

Production Crew

Screenplay - Melville Shavelson
Additional Dialogue - Harry Crane
Story - Leo Rosten
Based on Character Created by - Mannie Manheim
Songs - Jule Styne (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics)
Director of Photography - Robert de Grasse A.S.C.
Art Directors - Albert S. D'Agostini, Feild M. Gray
Set Decorations - Darrell Silvera, Harley Miller
Makeup Supervision - Gordon Bau
Musical Score - Leigh Harline
Musical Director - C. Bakaleinikoff
Film Editor - Harry Marker
Sound - Phil Brigandi, Clem Portman
Assistant Director - James Lane
Producer - Irving Cummings Jr.
Co-Producer - Irwin Allen (uncredited)
Director - Irving Cummings


Alternative Titles

Germany: Doppeltes Dynamit
Italy: Questi Dannati Quattrini
Spain: Don Dólar



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Watch Online

Double Dynamite is currently available to watch in the UK on BBC iPlayer.


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