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Irwin Allen Filmography


Irwin Allen Production Titles

NOTES ON CREDITS: C=Creator; W=Writer; CW=Co-Writer; P=Producer; CP=Co-Producer; AP=Associate Producer; SP=Supervising Producer; D=Director


The Irwin Allen Show (Producer and Presenter, KMTR/570 on Sundays) 1941-1946

The Irwin Allen Show (Producer and Presenter, KLAC/570 on Sundays) 1946-1952

Magic of Music (Guest, channel KHJ) Saturday 7 July 1956

The Film Art - Interview with Irwin Allen (on channel WBAI-FM) Sunday 4 September 1960

Note: KMTR changed to KLAC on 12 March 1946.


You Bet Your Life (chat show hosted by Irwin Allen's close friend Groucho Marx).

The Merv Griffin Show (Gene Hackman, Henry Fonda and Walter Pidgeon Salute Irwin Allen) 26 February 1975, Repeated Wednesday 12 March 1975.

Television Series

The Irwin Allen Show (Producer and Presenter for half hour show on KLAC channel 13, initially at 7pm, later at 9pm) 1949-51

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (C; P; 110 episodes) 1964-68

The Time Tunnel (C; P; 30 episodes) 1966-67

Lost in Space (C; P; 83 episodes) 1965-68

Land of the Giants (C; P; 51 episodes) 1967-70

Swiss Family Robinson (P; 20 episodes) 1975-76

Code Red (P; 13 episodes) 1981-82

Television Movies

City Beneath the Sea (aka One Hour to Doomsday; P; D) 1971

Adventures of the Queen (P) 1975

The Time Travellers (P; CW) 1976

Flood (P) 1976

Fire (P) 1977

The Return of Captain Nemo (C; P) 1978

Hanging By a Thread (P) 1979

The Night the Bridge Fell Down (P) 1979

Cave In! (P) 1979

The Memory of Eva Ryker (P; D) 1980

Code Red (P) 1981

Alice in Wonderland (P) 1985

Outrage (P) 1986


Where Danger Lives (AP) 1950

Double Dynamite (CP) 1951

A Girl in Every Port (CP) 1952

The Sea Around Us (W; P; D; Academy Award) 1953

Dangerous Mission (P) 1954

The Animal World (P; CW; D) 1956

The Story of Mankind (CW; P; D) 1957

The Big Circus (CW; P) 1959

The Lost World (CW; P; D) 1960

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (CW; P; D) 1961

Five Weeks In a Balloon (CW; P; D) 1962

The Poseidon Adventure (P; D action sequences) 1972

The Towering Inferno (P; D action sequences) 1974

Viva Knievel! (SP) 1977

The Swarm (P; D) 1978

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (P; D) 1979

When Time Ran Out (P) 1980

Presentation Reels

Land of the Giants 1967

Man from the 25th Century 1968

City Beneath the Sea 1969

Documentaries Featuring Irwin Allen's Work

Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen 1995

TV Guide Looks at Science Fiction 1997

Lost in Space Forever 1998

Attack of the 50 Ft Monster Mania 1999

Fire in the Sky, Hell Under Water 2003

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