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Shaun Dale
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Model Builds

This page covers anything relating to Irwin Allen models and lists sources of Irwin Allen models and related resources. Click on links or banner images to find out more. If you would like your model build(s) to be featured in the IANN Model Gallery, please send us a batch of photographs of your model(s) with your name and details on each model plus any captions you would like us to include for each picture. You can reach us using the IANN Contact Page.

Irwin Allen Model Kit Gallery

Irwin Allen Model Kit Gallery

Recently released model kits can be purchased from a wide range of online stores including FabGearUSA, Monsters in Motion, CultTVMan Shop, eBay, and Amazon. Vintage model kits can still be found on auction sites such as eBay.

Gemini Model Build-Up Studios

Gemini Model Build-Up Studios provide a professional and specialist custom model building and restoration service. Whether you need assistance constructing a model or would like to have the model customised with lights or other individual conversions, Gemini Model Build-Up Studios will be able to help you. Click the link below to view the gallery.

Gemini Model Build-Up Studios Gallery

Gemini Model Build-Up Studios Web Site

MarkM Models Gallery

Keen model builder MarkM has sent in some fabulous photographs of a range of Irwin Allen models that he has custom built. We think you will enjoy browsing around his gallery. Click here or on the banner above to view the gallery.

View movie of MarkM Models Lunar Models Spindrift lighting up

Lars Liljeblad's Model Gallery

Longtime Irwin Allen fan Lars Liljeblad is a professional model builder and has constructed many models including several from the worlds of Irwin Allen. Click here or on the banner above to view his gallery.

Models and Special Effects by Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark has built several customized models and sets and has created some original model effects. Click here or on the banner above to view his gallery.

Simon Mercs Model Gallery

Simon "Papa Smurf" Mercs has built and customised a vast range of science fiction models for both himself and clients and you can view a selection of his Irwin Allen models and illuminations in the gallery here. Click here or on the banner above to view his gallery.

View Simon's movie clips

Jerry Von Mueller Customised Models

Jerry Von Mueller has customised many Irwin Allen models with great ingenuity. You can enjoy some of his Lost in Space work in the gallery here. Click here or on the banner above to view his gallery.

Time Tunnel 3D Computer Model

A very talented gentleman, David Kleve, has created a 3D computer simulation of the Time Tunnel set. Click here or on the image above to explore the Time Tunnel.

Bob Aucutt Models

Bob Aucutt has produced some marvellous models including Lost in Space, Land of the Giants and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea laser rifles. He is also the proud owner of a full size B9 Robot.

Mike Aucutt Spindrift

Mike Aucutt (Bob's brother) has built several outstanding Spindrift models which you can view in this gallery. You can also see other items in his Land of the Giants collection.

Shaun Dale Model Effects

This gallery shows the creative effects shots of Shaun Dale's Seaview model. These include some very well produced images of the Spindrift in water and at night.

Steve Causey Gallery

The Steve Causey Gallery follows the building of the mini Moebius Models Flying Sub kit and the Seaview.

Bill Hedges Diorama and Model Gallery

Visit the Bill Hedges Model and Diorama Gallery

Philip Hamrick's Allson Model Studio

Visit Philip Hamrick's Allson Model Studio Gallery

Mark Dorais Spindrift Gallery

Visit the Mark Dorais Spindrift Gallery

VooDooFx lighting for the Moebius Seaview

VooDooFx design and build custom lighting kits for miniature models, props, figures and dioramas. Click here or on the image above to view a range of their wonderful kits applied to some of the Irwin Allen models.

Moebius Model Gallery

Moebius Models are producing some excellent plastic assembly model kits for Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fans. Click here or on the image above to view a gallery from Moebius Models of "test shot" photos.

TSDS Model and Accessories Gallery

TSDS have designed water-slide decals for the Jupiter II and Spindrift model kits, as well as a launchpad kit for the 12" Jupiter II. Click here or on the image above to view galleries of their kits as well as a some of their model build ups.