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Paul Zastupnevich

Paul Zastupnevich Filmography

C.D.G. (Costume Designers Guild)
Local #892 IATSE
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Actors Equity Association
Screen Actor's Guild
Academy of TV Arts and Sciences
Pasadena Playhous Alumni and Associates

Nominated for OSCAR (Costume Design)
'The Poseidon Adventure' 1974
'The Swarm' 1978
'When Time Ran Out' 1980
C.D.G. Award (Best Costumed TV Series)
'Lost in Space' 1967
'Land of the Giants' 1968
Nominated for EMMY (Costume Design)
'Alice in Wonderland' 1985
Pasadena Playhouse Alumni and Associates
"Man of the Year" Award 1990

The Man who came to Dinner (as Banjo) (A)
David Copperfield (as Mr Dick) (A)
The Madwoman of Chaillot (as French Sgt. of Police) (A)
Plain and Fancy (Jolly Jacob Yoder) (A, CD)
Blind Alley (as young man) (A)
Affairs of State (CD)
Hazel Kirke (CD & D)
The Man Who Came to Dinner (CD)
Oklahoma (CD)
Separate Rooms (CD)
Meet the Wife (CD)
Boy Meets Girl (CD)
St. Joan (CD, AEA Production)
Nathan the Wise (CD)
Plain and Fancy (CD, Musical Tent)
Anastasia (as Petrovin) (A, Russian coach)
Solid Gold Cadillac (as Gillie) (A)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (also guest starred) 1964-68
Lost in Space (also guest starred) 1965-68
The Time Tunnel 1966-67
Land of the Giants 1967-70
Swiss Family Robinson 1975-76
Code Red 1981-82

City Beneath the Sea 1970
Adventures of the Queen 1975
The Time Travellers 1976
Flood 1976
Fire 1977
The Return of Captain Nemo 1978
Hanging By a Thread 1979
The Memory of Eva Ryker 1980
Pumper 1 (aka Code Red) 1981
Cave In 1979
The Night the Bridge Fell Down 1979
Alice in Wonderland 1985
Outrage 1986

The Big Circus 1959
The Lost World (also appeared in the movie) 1960
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1961
Five Weeks In a Balloon 1962
The Poseidon Adventure 1972
The Towering Inferno 1974
Viva Knievel 1977
The Swarm 1978
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure 1979
When Time Ran Out 1980

(A) Acting Appearance
(D) Director
(CD) Costume Designer

Paul Zastupnevich

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