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Starz 2000

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Dr. Fred and the lady stars of Starz 2000
Carolyn, Denise, Fred and Deanna
Andrew Prine
Celeste Yarnall
Diane McBain
Anne Lockhart

Guests included:

Richard Biggs, Any Day Now, Babylon 5

Gerard Christopher, Superboy

Hal Clement, Noted SF Author

Maggie Egan, Babylon 5, Crusade

Richard Herd, V, Star Trek, Quantum Leap

Jane Kean, The Honeymooners

John Kerr, South Pacific, Tea & Sympathy

Tommy Kirk, Disney Star

Linda Harrison, Planet of the Apes, Cocoon I and II

Anne Lockhart, Battlestar Galactica

Deanna Lund, Land of the Giants

Beverly McDermott, Casting Director

Don Marshall, Land of the Giants

Joyce Meadows, Shakespearean Actress

France Nuyen, South Pacific, Star Trek, St. Elsewhere

Celeste Yarnall, Land of the Giants, Star Trek

There were two surprise special guests: First is Denise Brown. The second is a dear friend of Beverly McDermott’s, Connie Francis.


Starz 2000, Glenvar High School, Salem, Virginia, USA, October 21-22, 2000

A not for profit event supporting Victims of Violence No More.