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Rising Star Convention Guests


1976 R 1 Nelson Bond, Keith Laumer, Richard Preston*

1977 R 2 Leigh Brackett*, Kelly Freas, Richard Preston*

1978 R 3 Kelly Freas, Elizabeth Taylor*, Richard Preston*

1979 R 4 Manly Wade Wellman, Elizabeth Taylor*, Kelly Freas, Richard Preston*, Mike Foster, Allen Wold

1980 R 5 Fred Pohl, Richard Preston*, Kelly Freas, Mike Foster, Lisa Cantreel

1981 R 6 Algis Budrys, William Tenn, Kay Aldridge*,Richard Preston*, Kelly Freas, Mike Foster, Lisa Cantrell, Allen Wold

1982 R 7 William Tenn, Laura Banks*,Richard Preston*, Kelly Freas, Mike Foster, Lisa Cantrell, Allen Wold

1983 R 8 C. J. Cherryh, George Takei*, Kelly Freas, Richard Preston*, Richard Pini, Mike Foster, Lisa Cantrell, Richard Preston*, Allen Wold

1984 R 9 Jo Clayton, Mike Foster, Richard Pini, George Takei*, Angelique Pettyjohn*, Lisa Cantrell, Hal Clement, Kelly Freas, Richard Preston*, Allen Wold

1985 R10 Richard Pini, Kelly Freas, Hal Clement, Grace Lee Whitney*, George Effinger, Allen Wold, Mike Foster, Allen Wold

1986 R11 Alan Dean Foster, Walter Koenig*, Richard Pini, Lisa Cantrell, Hal Clement*, Allen Wold

1987 R12 Ben Bova, Bibi Besch*, Majel Barrett Roddenberry*, Richard Pini, Lisa Cantrell, Hal Clement, Richard Preston*

1988 R13 Susan Swartz, Judith Tarr, Mark Lenard*, Deanna Lund*, Kelly Freas, Richard Pini, Hal Clement, Kelly Freas, Lisa Cantrell, Richard Pini, Richard Preston*, Allen Wold

1989 R14 Vonda McIntyre, Ann Crispin, George Effinger, Deanna Lund*, Angelique Pettyjohn*, Hal Clement, Richard Preston*, Richard Pini, Brinke Stevens*, Lisa Cantrell, Allen Wold