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ALLAN MELVIN 1923-2008

Actor Allan Melvin who guest starred in Lost in Space passed away on 17th January 2008. He was well known for his roles in The Phil Silvers Show and All in the Family.

Allan Melvin


Irwin Allen Night on the BBC, 3 January 2008

BBC Four (Freeview, BSkyB and Cable) hosted an Irwin Allen Night on Thursday 3rd January 2008:

19:30 The Time Tunnel (Pilot episode)
20:15 Lost in Space (Island in the Sky)
21:00 The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen
22:30 Land of the Giants (Deadly Lodestone)
23:15 Film: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
03:00 The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen

The Christmas 2007 Radio Times featured a column discussing the evening (on page 212). Sadly, no pictures! The Daily Telegraph newspaper also had a small feature on the tribute documentary.


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