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BOB MITCHELL 1918 - 1992

Writer Bob Mitchell who wrote many Irwin Allen series scripts with his wife Esther, passed away on 13th October 1992, just seven months after we chatted with him at our March mini-convention. We were honoured to meet with Bob and Esther in July 1991 and they were so friendly and warm.


The new Rising Star convention in Roanoke, Virginia (the successor to RoVaCon) was attended by many Land of the Giants fans including some from England. Deanna Lund was there representing the Land of the Giants cast.


In October 1992, we were invited to Oregon to spend a few days with Kevin Hagen at his home. This was an amazing visit and at a very interesting time during the election season, just before Bill Clinton came into office (we watched one of the presidential debates with Kevin). Prior to this trip, we had never heard Kevin sing before, and he took us to one of his rehearsals in a caberet theatre that was a former Baptist church. He allowed us to audio tape the session and sang many popular songs.


Another highlight of our trip to the US was meeting Irwin Allen's researcher, Elizabeth Emanuel. Elizabeth was the most charming English lady you could ever wish to meet, and arranged a special Sunday afternoon tea for us. We did have one embarrassing moment when we turned up an hour early, as we hadn't been aware that the clocks had changed the previous night (we weren't aware that the US clocks changed the week before English clocks went back). Elizabeth was very gracious and we all laughed and got teased about our mistake.



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