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Carmody McKnight Estate Winery Announces
Land of the Giants Collection

Land of the Giants Launch Party on August 26
at Le Vigne Winery in Paso Robles

The Land of the Giants Wine Collection

(Paso Robles, CA)--Carmody McKnight Estate Winery has announced the release of their new Land of the Giants collection.  The initial release includes the 2019 Estate Colossal Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2019 Estate Colossal Cuvee. A five-course dinner created by Le Vigne Executive Chef Walter Filippini celebrating the release was held on August 26 in Paso Robles.

Originating from Carmody McKnight's legendary volcanic West Paso Robles vineyard, the special series of Bordeaux varietal wines are hand-crafted by Winemaker Anthony Gallegos.  Gallegos continues the Carmody McKnight tradition of long barrel aging with minimal intervention. The 2019 Estate Colossal Cabernet and Cuvee both show off the incredible vintage of the nutrient rich volcanic West Paso Robles vineyard. These are serious complex, fruit-forward, giant Bordeaux wines to be enjoyed now and for decades.  The Colossal Cuvee blends Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Star of the cult science fiction TV series, Land of the Giants , Gary Carmody Conway is, along with his wife, former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway, the proprietor of Carmody McKnight Estate Winery.  The Irwin Allen (Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) series is one of the most popular TV series on a worldwide basis ever, airing on hundreds of stations internationally.

Attending the dinner and available to mingle with guests were original cast members Gary Conway (Captain Steve Burton) and Heather Young (Betty Hamilton). Unfortunately, Stefan Arngrim (Barry Lockridge) was unable to participate.

Land of the Giants Cabernet Sauvignon

The Land of the Giants Cabernet Sauvignon will be paired with the second course of Red Wine Cavatelli with Pancetta & Asiago.  The Colossal Cuvee is featured in the third course alongside Captain Burton's Braised Bison Short Ribs.

Also poured at the launch dinner alongside the first course of Betty's Beet Carpaccio with Balsamic Glaze and Fried Capers will be Carmody McKnight's 2019 Forever Miss America Cabernet Franc.  From the sale of every bottle from the Forever Miss America collection, the winery bestows a gift to the Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund.  This fund has provided decades of commitment to the economic and social advancement of all women through education opportunities and career resourcing.

The dinner opens and closes with courses paired with wines made by the Conway's daughter Kathleen.  Little People Appetizers will be served with K Estate Sparkling, and the dessert, Very Barry Semifreddo, is matched with her K Estate Port.

The Land of the Giants wine collection labels are designed by renowned comic book artist John Peter Britton who specializes in producing artwork for fantasy and science fiction genre television.  They depict Gary Conway's character, Captain Steve Burton, being held captive in the hand of a giant.

The Land of the Giants release dinner was held on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at Le Vigne winery located at 5115 Buena Vista Drive, Paso Robles, California, 93446.  The dinner began at 6:30 pm and here are the event details.



Welcome Reception 6:30

Little People Appetizers
Wine Pairing: Kathleen Conway's K Estate Sparkling 

First Course

Betty's Beet Carpaccio with Tuscan Volcanic EVOO, Balsamic Glaze and Fried Capers
Wine Pairing: 2019 Carmody McKnight Estate Forever Miss America Cabernet Franc


Second Course

Red Wine Cavatelli with Pancetta & Asiago
Wine Pairing: 2019 Estate Colossal Cabernet Sauvignon


Third Course
Captain Burton's Braised Bison Short Ribs Accompanied By Creamy Potatoes and Rustic, Caramelized Carrots 

Wine Pairing: 2019 Estate Colossal Cuvee 


Fourth Course
Very Barry Semifreddo
Wine Pairing: Kathleen Conway's K Estate Port 



About Carmody McKnight Estate Winery

Established in 1968 by former Miss America Marian McKnight Conway and actor/artist Gary Conway, Paso Robles-based Carmody McKnight is credited for pioneering the West Paso Robles AVA - Adelaida subdistrict now recognized as a premium viticultural region for Bordeaux and other noble varietals. Located seven miles from the Pacific Ocean and climatically protected by the Santa Lucia Mountains, the legendary estate vineyard, with its three volcanoes, possesses the rarest of viticulturally rich soils making it the epitome of sustainability. The region is also known for its perfect Mediterranean temperature range and climate conditions. Carmody McKnight produces award-winning, limited release Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc varietal wines.  Allocation list members enjoy exclusive access to limited release collector series wines including Land of the Giants and Forever Miss America wines that support women's educational scholarships. 


A Carmody McKnight Estate Wine tribute to Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants.


Here are some past events featuring the Land of the Giants cast. More events appear in the IANN Archive.


Land of the Giants Reunion at Chiller Theatre Expo 27-29 October 2017

The Chiller Theatre Expo in October 2017 featured a Land of the Giants reunion with guests including Deanna Lund, Gary Conway, and Stefan Arngrim. The event was held on 27-29 October 2017 in New Jersey. Swiss Family Robinson star Willie Aames was also due to attend.

Chiller Theatre Expo October Guest List


Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

Deanna Lund attended the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on Sunday 20th August 2017 at The Reef, 1933 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Ca 90007. Deanna appeared as part of a Batman themed reunion of Batman hencewomen.

LA Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention Programme


The Hollywood Show

Deanna Lund, Lee Meriwether, and David Hedison (Saturday 29th only) attended the Hollywood Show at The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel (5400 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA) over the weekend of 28-30 April 2017. Other Irwin Allen related guests included Barbara Bouchet (guest on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea), Sandra Lee Gimpel (Bill Mumy's stunt double in Lost in Space), Sherry Jackson (guest on Lost in Space and child star in Where Danger Lives), and Tom Reese (guest on Land of the Giants).


Deanna Lund returned to Virginia on 1st October 2016 to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of RoVaCon 1, the first media event held in Southwestern and Western Virginia. The Virginia Media Event Reunion was held Saturday October 1 at Holiday Inn, 3315 Ordway Drive Roanoke, VA near the airport. There was a full day of activities with media guests, speakers, panels, films, memorabilia sales tables and a banquet with a program.

40th Anniversary of Southwestern Virginia's Media Convention Facebook Page


Stefan Arngrim will be attending the Chiller Theatre Expo on 28-30 October 2016

Stefan Arngrim attended the Chiller Theatre Expo on 28-30 October 2016. Barbara Eden, star of the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie also attended.


Deanna Lund and John Williams at Lincoln party

Deanna Lund met up with composer John Williams at a party in 2012 for the new movie Lincoln for which John has composed the music. Nearly half a century ago, John Williams composed themes for several Irwin Allen productions including Land of the Giants. Deanna and Carol kindly sent this beautiful photograph for us to share with you.


Land of the Giants goes to Las Vegas

The cast of "Land of the Giants" attended The Hollywood Show Vegas autograph show on Saturday 19th November 2011. Attending the autograph show were series stars Gary Conway, Deanna Lund, Don Marshall, Don Matheson, Heather Young, and Stefan Arngrim.


Deanna Lund (Land of the Giants), Shirley Jones (Beyond the Poseidon Adventure) and Sherry Jackson (Lost in Space, Where Danger Lives) were guests at the July 2011 Western Film Fair held in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Carolyn, Deanna Lund and Dr. Fred at the 2011 Western Film Fair

Carolyn, Deanna Lund and Dr. Fred at the 2011 Western Film Fair


Heather Young, Don Matheson, Deanna Lund, Gary Conway, Don Marshall and Stefan Arngrim at the Hollywood Show, October 2010

All of the cast members of Land of the Giants, namely Deanna Lund, Gary Conway, Heather Young, Don Marshall, Don Matheson and Stefan Arngrim attended the Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center (9-10 October 2010). 

Land of the Giants Cast at the Hollywood Show Gallery


Deanna Lund was the guest artist for two schools while back in Virginia in September 2010. Both the Center for the Performing Arts and the William Byrd Players are under Roanoke County Schools and directed by Carol Webster. She conducted workshops having students run through exercises, script readings and taking time to give individual attention to 100 young people.

Deanna Lund at the Center for the Performing Arts


A host of Irwin Allen stars appeared at the late May (28th-30th) Mickey Sinardi's Showstopper Stars Spectacular including June Lockhart, Shirley Jones, Lee Meriwether, Richard Anderson, Carol Lynley, Robert Colbert, Rosemary Forsyth, Don Matheson, Don Marshall, Allan Hunt, and Terry Becker.


Several Irwin Allen stars and guests attended the Anaheim Comic Con on 16-18 April 2010.   The list of stars attending included Don Marshall, Deanna Lund, Don Matheson, David Hedison, Lee Meriwether, Yvonne Craig, Michael J. Pollard, Richard Anderson, and Malachi Throne.

Don Matheson and Deanna Lund at the Anaheim Comic Con April 2010

Anaheim Comic Con 16-18 April 2010 Gallery

Anaheim Comic Con 16-18 April 2010 Report at DavidHedison.net


Cast members from Land of the Giants (Deanna Lund, Heather Young, Gary Conway, and Don Marshall) and Dennis Cole (Cave In!) attended the 17-19 April 2009 Chiller Theatre convention in New Jersey. Click on the link or image below to see photographs from the event.

Photographs from Chiller 2009

Chiller Theatre 2009


Giants Panel at ScoutCon 2008

The Land of the Giants cast recently attended a fabulous new event called ScoutCon which was held on Saturday 24th May 2008 in Tampa, Florida. Attendees included: Gary Conway, Don Marshall, Deanna Lund, Don Matheson, Heather Young, as well as Don and Deanna's daughter Michele Matheson, Mark Goddard from Lost in Space, Malachi Throne (guest in several Irwin Allen productions), Barbara Luna (Five Weeks in a Balloon), Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea (stars of 2001: A Space Odyssey), Gil Gerard and Erin Grey (Buck Rogers), and Grace Lee Whitney and Sean Kenny (Star Trek).

Land of the Giants Cast at ScoutCon 2008

Click here for the ScoutCon Convention Reports plus more pictures

Click here to visit the new ScoutCon Gallery

Labor Day Flea Market & Gun Show in Hillsville

Deanna Lund attended the Labor Day Flea Market & Gun Show in Hillsville, Carroll County, Virginia on Saturday 30th to Sunday 31st August, 2008. Click on here or on the image below to view a gallery of pictures from her trip.

Deanna Lund with Zoey and new little kitten


If you have any news of conventions and actor appearances, please send us all the details, especially date, location, event name, guests, contact person and address/telephone no, prices and any other relevant information. IANN also has various convention report sites, so if you attend any events, we would welcome your reports and photos for which you will be credited.

Important Note

Please be aware that guest lists can change at any time. Always confirm with convention organisers before attending.