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Land of the Giants


Television Series

Years: 1968-70

Number of Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 51

Producer: Irwin Allen

US Premiere: 22 September 1968

An Irwin Allen Production
in association with
Kent Productions, Inc.
Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.

Copyright 1968-70 Kent Productions Inc. and Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.


Sub-orbital flight 612 from Los Angeles to London encounters an electric storm and crash lands on a planet inhabited by giants. The travellers fight to survive and search for ways to escape the alien planet.


Season One
Season Two
The Crash
The Weird World
The Trap
The Bounty Hunter
The Golden Cage
The Lost Ones
The Creed
The Flight Plan
On a Clear Night You Can See Earth
Ghost Town
Genius at Work
Deadly Lodestone
The Night of Thrombeldinbar
Seven Little Indians
Target: Earth
Return of Inidu
Shell Game
The Chase
The Inside Rail
Chamber of Fear
The Mechanical Man
Collector's Item
Giants, and All That Jazz
Six Hours to Live
The Unsuspected
A Place Called Earth
Deadly Pawn
Land of the Lost
Every Dog Needs a Boy
The Clones
Home Sweet Home
Our Man O'Reilly
Pay the Piper
The Secret City of Limbo
Wild Journey
The Deadly Dart
Graveyard of Fools
A Small War
The Marionettes


Gary Conway - Captain Steve Burton
Don Matheson - Mark Wilson
Stefan Arngrim - Barry Lockridge
Don Marshall - Dan Erickson
Deanna Lund - Valerie Ames Scott
Heather Young - Betty Ann Hamilton
Kurt Kasznar - Alexander B. Fitzhugh
Kevin Hagen - Inspector Dobbs Kobick

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Directors - Irwin Allen (pilot episode), Harry Harris, Sobey Martin, Nathan Juran, Harmon Jones
Writers - Irwin Allen (pilot), Anthony Wilson, Gil Ralston, Mann Rubin, Ellis St. Joseph, Charles Bennett, Peter Packer, Jay Selby (aka Robert Lees) & Stanley H. Silverman, Jack Turley, Richard P. McDonagh, Bob & Esther Mitchell, William Welch, Daniel B. Ullman, Sheldon Stark, William L. Stuart, Bob & Wanda Duncan, Arthur Weiss, Richard Shapiro, Sidney Marshall, Jerry Thomas, Oliver Crawford, Jackson Gillis, Shirl Hendryx

Pilot Episode Production Crew

Associate Producers - Jerry Briskin, Bruce Fowler Jr.
Story Editor - Richard P. McDonagh
Theme Music Composer - John Williams
Music Supervision - Lionel Newman
Production Supervisor - Jack Sonntag
Production Associate - Hal Herman
Unit Production Manager - Ted Butcher
Director of Photography - Howard Schwartz A.S.C.
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Art Directors - Jack Martin Smith, Rodger E. Maus
Set Decoration - Walter M. Scott, Norman Rockett
Assistant to Producer - Paul Zastupnevich
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich
Film Editor - Jack Gleason, A.C.E.
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott, Art Cruickshank, Emil Kosa Jr.
Post Production Coordinator - Robert Mintz
Production Coordinator - Les Warner
Supervising Sound Editor - Don Hall, Jr.
Sound Effects Editor - Robert Cornett
In Charge of Production - William Self

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