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Land of the Giants


Land of the Giants Season 2

Land of the Giants Season Two Episode Guide

by Richard Ryan

Sugar Ray Robinson


1)   The Mechanical Man
"I've read about you little people, your technology is way ahead of ours and I need help.."

A Giant scientist has created a super Android that has gone awry and wrecked a lab, killing a Giant policeman in the process. Its creator (Prof Gorn) needs the help of  the little people to correct its flaws and as he has Mark prisoner he looks like he will get the help he wants...

  • This episode heralded the new much improved title sequence and theme music for the second year.
  • During the filming, the crew of the show hid various tiny dolls in guest artist Broderick Crawford's dressing room after he complained that everywhere he looked there were little people!
  • Actress Heather Young (Betty) was pregnant during the early to mid parts of the second season  and to conceal this during this and many other second year episodes she is either
  • Concealed by by foliage/Loose clothing
  • "Back at the ship"
  • Nowhere in particular..


2)   Six Hours to Live

"How far is the prison, and when are you going to be leaving for it? -Why?- Well, the man they're going to execute tonight is innocent and I can prove it..."

A giant has been framed for a murder he didn't commit and now awaits execution for the crime. Steve overhears the real murderers discussing their crime shortly after they have attacked him. He vows to try and find away of freeing the innocent man and seeing that justice is done...

  • This episode reworks the idea of season one's "Framed"  and even includes the same wonderful camera prop.
  • Guest Artist Richard Anderson was a regular in many shows and is probably most famous for his portrayal of Oscar Goldman from the 1970's series "Six Million Dollar Man".
  • Writer Dan Ullman wrote several other Giants episodes (Bounty Hunter, Doomsday) and an Outer Limits episode (Cold Hands Warm Heart) that starred William (Star Trek) Shatner about a project called Vulcan!


3)   The Inside Rail

"Now all we have to do is take him -right, well tackle him, you grab him by the shoelaces and I'll jump up and down on his big toe..."

Fitzhugh goes to the races with Barry and befrends a Giant race fanatic who shares a bet with him. Incredibly Fitzhugh's skill on the track yields a winner but how on earth can the winnings be carried home...

  • The  vast majority of new images featured in the second season titles were extracted from this episode.
  • Guest artist Ben Blue was a well known comedy actor who had many roles including a part in the movie "Its a Mad Mad Mad  Mad World".
  • Guest star Vic Tayback had a long career, his most prominent genre role being in Star Trek (A Piece of the Action).


4)   Deadly Pawn

" Barry, you're the best we've got... but Captain, suppose I lose?.. you'll all be turned over to S.I.D. and it'll be my fault.."

A fiendish chess -obsessed Giant contrives to capture the little people.  His problem is that he is bored with normal chess and has decided that it is time for a new improved version to be unveiled.  Step one involves a new board, and step two the little people themselves..

  • Director Nathan Juran worked on all of Irwin Allen's shows of the time. Often producing better than average episodes. His movie career was firmly in the "B" movie category and includes such films as "The Brain from planet Arous"!!
  • Guest artist John Zaremba was also a "B" movie stalwart and was a regular on Bravo's Time Tunnel as Dr Raymond Swain.
  • In production order (this was the 9th episode made for the second season) this was Heather Young's last show for a while due to pregnancy.


5)   The Unsuspected

"You're going to trade me to the giants heh?, we'll see who gets traded, not me because I'm smarter than all of you ok.."

After being infected by a mysterious spore found on the Giant Planet Steve becomes a dangerous paranoid and seeks to capture his Earthly colleagues one by one as he is convinced they are now his enemies...

  • This episode was held up by producer Allen as a good example of economic writing with a good flowing story with relatively few opticals.
  • Guest Artist Leonard Stone was born in 1923 and appeared in many movies and Tv Shows.  Most recently as a semi regular Judge in "L.A. LAW".
  • This episode features "the radio room" previously seen in "Shell Game". It was not uncommon for rooms and other props to make spurious appearances in episodes only to then disappear inexplicably.


6)   Giants and All that Jazz

"In a couple of days i'll be getting bookings in the better clubs around town and then...Where did you learn to play like that Biff?...Oh, it's my own style, I call it Jazz.."

In order to free Valerie and Barry from a Giant trumpeter who is down on his luck Dan makes a deal to teach him about a new and exiting playing style from Earth that the Giant Planet has yet to experience.....

  • This episode is often cut for transmission in certain markets due to a scene where Mark pushes a pencil into the back of a TV set. (Don't try this at home folks!)
  • Guest Artist Sugar Ray Robinson was, of course, a famous boxing middleweight champion and also a personal friend of producer Irwin Allen.
  • Guest Artist Mike Mazurki was also a sportsman turned actor but in his case he was previously a wrestler.


7)   Collectors Item

"You're not afraid of me are you? -No? -Of course you are, everyone is, rightfully so, but you'll be safe enough as long as you continue to amuse me.."

Valerie becomes the centre of a deadly plot by a penniless Giant who is scheming to murder his rich uncle. Forced to perform as a music box doll to entertain the Uncle she is unaware that the box is in fact a booby trap...

  • Actress Deanna Lund who has to perform a complicated ballerina routine during this episode has related a story of how (unfortunately) she had too much champagne at a cast party the night before this sequence was shot!
  • Co-Writer Sidney Marshall was an Irwin Allen "insider" who wrote for most of his shows of the period. Following his time with Allen he had a stint writing for "Hawaii Five O".
  • Guest Artist Guy Stockwell has appeared in Bravo's "Wild Wild West".


8)   Every Dog needs a Boy

"I'm afraid your friend Chipper can't wait for the doctor to get back, it looks to me like he has got internal injuries, he'll need an immediate operation.."

Barry's dog chipper is injured by the barking of a Giant German shepherd dog. Barry devastated by this, endangers the lives of his colleagues as he takes him to a Giant vet!

  • This episode features an unusual cast member.  A stuffed version of Chipper! (Presumably this was easier than keeping the real dog still)
  • Guest Artist Michael Anderson Jr appeared in the movie "Logan's Run" and TV series "Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles" both of these being directed by his father Michael Anderson  Snr.
  • Guest Artist Oliver McGowan  has featured in Bravo's "Wild Wild West".


9)   Chamber of Fear

"You know what that guy looks like, he looks like he's just poisoned the reservoir and he's waiting for somebody to take a drink.."

The little people become involved with a group of jewel thieves operating from a spooky wax museum. Tensions rise as the crooks fall out over a missing diamond, the whereabouts of which is known to the little people...

  • During a scene inside a giant clockwork statue actors Don Matheson and Deanna Lund were nearly seriously injured after a fall.  Irwin Allen was often reluctant to utilise stunt doubles unless absolutely necessary.
  • As the "statue" of Ftzhugh falls, it can be seen to blink (I said it was a spooky wax museum!).
  • Guest Artist Christopher Cary  was a very surreal Merlin in Bravo's "Time Tunnel" episode "Merlin the Magician.


10)  The Clones

"Well, Doctor Gault what do you think? It's amazing absolutely  identical..."

A Giant scientist experimenting with cloning technology succeeds in cloning Valerie and Barry. These are returned to the camp where they prepare a booby trap to kill the rest of the Earth party...

  • Actor Don Marshall dislocated his shoulder in the scene where he jumps into a letter box.
  • The cloning tubes used by the Giant are from the Jupiter two in Allen's "Lost in Space" series.
  • During this episode Valerie refers to Chipper as "She" erroneously.


11)  Comeback

"There's this eccentric scientist you see, and he's created these tiny little dolls, except they're not like ordinary dolls there like real little people, they walk and talk and eat and dance.."

The little people meet and befriend a Giant actor who has fallen from stardom. They decide to help him reinvigorate his career but both parties underestimate the ruthlessness of the studio head of their new co-production....

  • This episode is a very obvious parody of the Movie business and certain aspects seem very pertinent to the series itself.
  • Guest Artist John Carradine was well cast in the role of the old movie star, his own long sucessful career  heading to an end as he did this episode.  Born in 1906 he starred in many movies and Tv shows, his own son David being well known as the star of "Kung Fu".
  • Guest Artist Fritz Feld also starred in Allen's "Lost in Space"


12)  A Place Called Earth

"Your mission is routine, you travel back in time 100 years and will make observations for two hours in real time and then you will return home.."

Two Earthmen from the distant future  (the year 5477)  land on the Giant's Planet with a mission to observe. It transpires that they are more deadly than the Giants as their superior technology leads them to a dangerous arrogance....

  • The future Earthmen's Ship is taken from the "Lost in Space" series, and is the "Space pod" from that show's 3rd season.
  • During a sequence when the little people are "frozen", Barry changes legs while on the Spindrift's stairwell!
  • Director Harmon Jones also worked for Irwin Allen on "Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea" directing the "classic" "The Wax Men".


13)  Land Of The Lost

"My name is Titus, and I am the absolute ruler of this land. You will therefore answer my questions..."

After several of the little people are carried away by a balloon they end up many miles away in a new despotic land ruled by a dictator who rules by a regime of torture and fear....

  • A somewhat erratic episode loaded with improbabilities this episode has a mid season look all round.
  • Guest Artist Nehemiah Persoff appeared in most of Allens shows and was active in many genre shows of the 1960's and 70's including "Mission Impossible" and "The Six Million Dollar Man".
  • Guest Artist Peter Canon was in the Movie "The Hindenburg" and an episode of TV's Star Trek.


14)  Home Sweet Home

"It's mine, I found it!  Don't try anything, if anyone takes off in this ship I'm going along..."

After stumbling upon the Space capsule discarded by the Earthmen from the episode "A Place called Earth",  Fitzhugh and Steve actually manage to get back to Earth ..but can they remain there...?

  • This Sci-Fi themed episode was written by William Welch most prolific of Allen's stable of regular writers. Welch could generally be relied upon to produce flashy gadget filled shows.
  • Guest Artist John Milford was a busy actor of the period featuring in many genre shows including "The Outer Limits", "The Invaders" and "Voyage to the Bottom Of The Sea".
  • During the scenes of the Pod on Earth the mains cable feeding the running lights is clearly visible off to one side of the pod being only semi-concealed by dusty ground.


15)  Our Man O'Reilly

"Stop now, don't move not even an inch - down on your knees you ignorant peasant! Yes sir, your elegance whatever your wish.."

The little people come upon a friendly Giant who mistakes them for Leprechauns.  The Giant (O'Reilly) assists the little people  in obtaining items to help repair the ship and the group become embroiled in a series of adventures with policeman Krenko..

  • This episode was the 16th episode produced for the second season and heralded the return of the new slimmer post pregnancy Heather Young.
  • The Beer Vat consumed during the story was (incredibly) actually real beer.
  • Guest Artist Alan Hale Jr was most famous for his role as Gilligan in the series "Gilligan's Island".


16)  Nightmare

"Look at that, it's too good to be true, not only the little people but their encampment as well, even their Spaceship, you wait 'till the inspector sees this..."

Following exposure to radiation from a new power source -the Delta device- the little people become temporarily invisible to the Giants...

  • This episode was written by William Welch and directed by Nathan Juran and is laden with the fantasy elements typical of this this combination.
  • Guest Artist Torin Thatcher appeared in all of Irwin Allen's shows of the period.
  • During the original airing period of the series this was the first show of the new decade (the 1970's) being  premiered on Jan 4th 1970.


17)  Pay the Piper

"I'm sorry my small little friends. I thought you might enjoy a little terpsichorean interlude..."

The travellers come across a bizarre Giant capable of hypnotising people with his mysterious flute which when played can draw people magically towards it. The little people become involved after the Piper  attempts to abduct a Giant child...

  • This episode is a twist on the Pied Piper fable, but sadly doesn't really come off at it is so much at odds with the thread of the rest of the series.
  • Guest Artist Jonathan Harris was Dr Smith on Allen's "Lost in Space" series and effectively simply reprises that role in all but name.
  • Writer Richard Shapiro wrote several "fantasy" stories for the show.  His episodes were generally lighter than other contributors  ("Inside Rail" with a racing theme, "Giants and all that Jazz", with a Jazz theme,"Comeback", a spoof of the Movie business etc..)


18)  Secret City of Limbo

"It's extremely dangerous for you to be here now, dangerous for me as well as you. The General will stop at nothing.."

The Little people witness a battle between several Giants involving a mysterious new weapon, the owner of which subsequently disappears into a cave. It transpires that he is from a secret underground society who live beneath the surface of the Planet...

  • The most impressive aspect of this episode is the marvellous underground set. This was redressed from the film "Beneath the Planet of the Apes".
  • An early draft of this episode had the Underground Giants as "Mole like people". Allen was appalled by this and so they were changed to be more traditional in appearance.
  • Guest Artist Malachi Throne appeared  in all of Allen's shows of the time. His most unusual role for 20th Century Fox was as "False-face" in the "Batman" series for which he was credited as "?", much to his annoyance.


19)  Panic

"Trust in me, this may be a ticket back to Earth for all of us.  Turn that dial, there it is..."

The group meet a Giant inventor who has developed a new device, a teleporter, capable of matter transport over great distances.He is helpful and interested in their problems but is betrayed by an S.I.D. agent and must face the consequences...

  • Guest Artist Peter Mark Richman (then known as Mark Richman) also appeared twice in Irwin Allen's "Voyage" series. He had a long career in films and Tv , generally cast as a "Baddie".
  • The teleporter is an impressive prop covered with the usual Irwin Allen trademarks of flashing lights and appeared in more than one episode of the series.
  • Guest Artist Pat Culliton (Officer Willis) was an Irwin Allen associate who had bit parts in most of his shows, often uncredited. He was also in "Genius at Work".


20)  The Deadly Dart

"Callers to our switchboard from private citizens are all asking the same question. Is this another case of sabotage by the little people?"

Following a series of assasinations, the little people are accused of the crimes by an ambitious Giant journalist who will stop at nothing to get her story...

  • The character of Zoral (originally in The Mechanical Man) is here played by a different actor, Donald Barry.
  • Guest Artist John Dehner was in Allen's "Voyage" series and can also be seen in  Bravo's Wild Wild West.
  • The reason why Mark took the explosives and flares with him is somewhat inexplicable appearing to be contrived to simply help the story along.


21)  Doomsday

"No ambulance, no hospital. If they find out I'm here....my family...they'll all be killed.."

More adventures with saboteurs intent on disrupting Giant society as the group become embroiled with the mysterious Doctor North who is planning a major terrorist outrage...

  • The end credits list Inspector Kobick as inspector "Turner". (oops!)  This is also Kobick's final adventure with our heroes.
  • Barry (Stefan Arngrim) is missing from this episode (as he is from several others ) without explanation.
  • From thin air the group produce a metal detector for use in this story. They can't fix the ship but during the 2nd year they produced among other items, a periscope, a laser cutter, a delta power pack and the aforementioned detector!


22)  A Small War

"Sir, with the general's permission I shall take some of the men and start in pursuit...yes sir, we'll bring back some prisoners or die in the attempt.."

The little people are attacked by a Giant boy who has been playing with his imaginary friend in the woods with his army of deadly military toys. The boy does not believe them to be real people and carries on attacking at will...

  • This episode is actor Gary Conway's favourite of the series.
  • The story was written as a social comment upon the Vietnam war that was raging at the time of original airing.
  • Guest Artist Miriam Schiller appeared in "Night of Thrombeldinbar" and an episode of "Lost in Space" as the very exotic "Miss Teutonium"!


23)  The Marionettes

"What are you going to do to us?- You'll find out, all in good time. Now, there we go now its your turn my dear..."

As the little people assist an injured puppeteer improve his act by dancing (pretending to be puppets), events take a sinister twist when an escaped Gorilla gets hold of Valerie in the manner of "King Kong"!

  • During the carnival scenes a costume (Idak from "Lost in Space") originally worn by Don Matheson appears in the background.
  • The Gorilla was played by Janos Prohaska who specialised in this type of work (He did similar work on "The Outer Limits" and "Star Trek"). His career was tragically cut short after he died in a plane crash in 1974.
  • Guest Artist Frank Ferguson was born in 1899 and starred in the Movie "The Beast from 20,000 fathoms".


24)  Wild Journey

"We can't send you back like this- they have to go back in the plane and crash the way it originally happenned.."

Two Giants, Thorg and Berna, have a device called a "space time manipulator" that is capable of sending the little people back in time and allowing the group to avoid their current predicament.   To do this they must relive their original trip again...

  • An interesting idea is ruined by a lack of attention to some large details by the producers.  In the original the ship heads off from New York to London, incredibly in this story they set off from Los Angeles!!
  • The problem of the much larger (now in the throws of full puberty!) Barry is avoided by having "him" positioned well to the rear of his colleagues- remember actor Stefan Arngrim is at least a foot taller than when the show started in real life.
  • Guest Artist Sheila Matthews was married to Irwin Allen.


25)  Graveyard of Fools

"You're now safe in your new abode, they'll be a little work for you to do a little later on, you'd better do it well or it'll mean the end of both of you.."

Twin evil brothers one at each end of the Planet plan to use an alien device they have found to gain control of the Planet.  Critically the device needs repairing and only the little people are small enough to do it....

  • This episode is one of the most confusing of the entire series full of illogical dialogue necessary to help the viewer make sense of the story, which is easy on the eye but numbing to the mind!
  • Guest Artist Albert Salmi takes a dual role as brothers "Melzak/Brynk". He also appeared as Captain Brent in the wacky "Voyage" episode "Dead Men's Doubloons".
  • Midway through the episode it was noticed that Valerie was showing rather too much "up top" and a patch was put on her dress to allow her to regain her modesty.


Land of the Giants is copyright Irwin Allen Properties, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.