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The Time Tunnel


Television Series

Years: 1966-67

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 30

Producer: Irwin Allen

US Premiere: 9 September 1966

An Irwin Allen Production
in association with
Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.

Copyright 1966-67 Kent Productions Inc. and Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.


A secret underground complex houses a time tunnel. Two scientists get lost in time and the series follows their adventures through time as their colleagues attempt to rescue them.


Rendezvous with Yesterday
One Way to the Moon
End of the World
The Day the Sky Fell In
The Last Patrol
Crack of Doom
Revenge of the Gods
Devil's Island
Reign of Terror
Secret Weapon
The Death Trap
The Alamo
Night of the Long Knives
The Revenge of Robin Hood
Kill Two by Two
Visitors from Beyond the Stars
The Ghost of Nero
The Walls of Jericho
Idol of Death
Billy the Kid
Pirates of Deadman's Island
Chase Through Time
The Death Merchant
Attack of the Barbarians
Merlin the Magician
The Kidnappers
Raiders from Outer Space
Town of Terror


James Darren - Dr. Tony Newman
Robert Colbert - Dr. Doug Phillips
Lee Meriwether - Dr. Ann MacGregor
Whit Bissell - Lt. Gen. Heywood Kirk
John Zaremba - Dr. Raymond Swain
Sam Groom - Jerry, Technician
Wesley Lau - Sgt. Jiggs

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Directors - Irwin Allen (pilot episode), Harry Harris, Sobey Martin, William Hale, Murray Golden, Jerry Hopper, Paul Stanley, Herschel Daugherty, Nathan Juran
Writers - Irwin Allen (pilot), Shimon Wincelberg, Harold Jack Bloom, William Welch, Peter Germano, Ellis St. Joseph, Bob & Wanda Duncan, William Read Woodfield, Allan Balter, Carey Wilber, Theodore Apstein, Leonard Stadd, Barney Slater, Robert Hamner

Pilot Episode Production Crew

Theme Music Composer - John (Johnny) Williams
Music Supervision - Lionel Newman
Production Supervisor - Jack Sonntag
Production Associate - Hal Herman
Unit Production Manager - Eric Stacey
Director of Photography - Winton Hoch, A.S.C.
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Story Editor - William Welch
Associate Story Editor - Al Gail
Producer's Assistant - Timothy Sims
Post Production Coordinator - Robert Mintz
Art Directors - Jack Martin Smith, William J. Creber
Set Decoration - Walter M. Scott, Norman Rockett
Assistant to Producer - Paul Zastupnevich
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich
Film Editor - James Baiotto
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott
Make-up Supervision - Ben Nye
Hair Styling Supervision - Margaret Donovan
Airplane Furnisher - Lear Siegler, Inc
Assistant Director - Les Warner
Supervising Music Editor - Leonard A. Engel
Music Editor - Joseph Ruby
Supervising Sound Editor - Don Hall, Jr.
In Charge of Production - William Self