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Lost in Space


Television Series

Years: 1965-68

Number of Seasons: 3

Number of Episodes: 83

Producer: Irwin Allen

US Premiere: 15 September 1965

An Irwin Allen Production
in association with
Van Bernard Productions,
Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc. and
CBS Television, Inc.

Copyright 1965-68 Van Bernard Productions Inc., Jodi Productions Inc., and Twentieth Century-Fox Television, Inc.


The Robinson family leave Earth with their friend Major West, heading for Alpha Centouri. A stowaway sabotages their spaceship, sending them way off course, and well and truly, lost in space.


Season 1

The Reluctant Stowaway
The Derelict
Island in the Sky
There Were Giants in the Earth
The Hungry Sea
Welcome Stranger
My Friend, Mr. Nobody
Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
The Oasis
The Sky is Falling
The Raft
Wish upon a Star
One of Our Dogs is Missing
Attack of the Monster Plants
Return from Outer Space
The Keeper (Part One)
The Keeper (Part Two)
The Sky Pirate
Ghost in Space
The Magic Mirror
The War of the Robots
The Challenge
The Space Trader
His Majesty Smith
The Space Croppers
All That Glitters
The Lost Civilization
A Change of Space
Follow the Leader

Season 2

Blast off into Space
Wild Adventure
The Ghost Planet
The Forbidden World
Space Circus
The Prisoners of Space
The Android Machine
The Deadly Games of Gamma 6
The Thief from Outer Space
Curse of Cousin Smith
The Dream Monster
West of Mars
A Visit to Hades
Wreck of the Robot
The Golden Man
The Girl from the Green Dimension
The Questing Beast
The Toymaker
Mutiny in Space
The Space Vikings
The Treasure of the Lost Planet
Rocket to Earth
The Mechanical Men
Revolt of the Androids
Cave of the Wizards
The Colonists
Trip Through the Robot
The Phantom Family
The Astral Traveler
The Galaxy Gift

Season 3

Condemned of Space
Hunter's Moon
The Space Primevals
Deadliest of the Species
Visit to a Hostile Planet
Kidnapped in Space
Flight into the Future
The Space Destructors
The Haunted Lighthouse
Collision of the Planets
Space Creature
The Anti-Matter Man
Castles in Space
A Day at the Zoo
Two Weeks in Space
Target: Earth
The Flaming Planet
The Time Merchant
Princess of Space
The Promised Planet
The Great Vegetable Rebellion
Fugitives in Space
Space Beauty
Junkyard in Space


Guy Williams - Dr. John Robinson
June Lockhart - Maureen Robinson
Mark Goddard - Major Don West
Marta Kristen - Judy Robinson
Bill Mumy - Will Robinson
Angela Cartwright - Penny Robinson
Jonathan Harris - Dr. Zachary Smith
Bob May - Robot
Dick Tufeld - Robot Voice

Production Crew

Producer - Irwin Allen
Directors - Irwin Allen (unaired pilot), Anton Leader, Alexander Singer, Leo Penn, Sobey Martin, Alvin Ganzer, Paul Stanley, Leonard Horn, Sutton Roley, Justus Addiss, Nathan Juran, Harry Harris, Don Richardson, Robert Douglas, Ezra Stone, Seymour Robbie, Irving J. Moore
Writers - Irwin Allen (pilot), Shimon Wincelberg, Peter Packer, Norman Lessing, Carey Wilber, William Welch, Jackson Gillis, Barney Slater, Herman Groves, William Read Woodfield & Allan Balter, Bob & Wanda Duncan, Michael Fessier, Margaret Brookman Hill, Jack Turley, Robert Hamner, K.C. Alison

Pilot Episode Production Crew

Music - Bernard Herrman
Conductor - Lionel Newman
Director of Photography - Winton Hoch, A.S.C.
Post Production Supervisor - George E. Swink
Art Directors - Jack Martin Smith, William J. Creber
Film Editor - James Baiotto
Set Decoration - Walter M. Scott, Norman Rockett
Executive in Charge of Produciton for Van Bernard Productions - Guy Della Cioppa
Production Assitant - Al Gail
Production Illustrator - Maurice Zuberano
Supervising Film Editor - Roland Gross, A.C.E.
Post Production Coordinator - Robert Mintz
Special Photographic Effects - L.B. Abbott, A.S.C.
Assistant Director - Les Warner
Supervising Music Editor - Leonard A. Engel
Supervising Sound Effects Editor - Ralph Hickey
Production Manager - Gaston Glass
Unit Production Manager - Hal Herman
Production Assistant - Paul Zastupnevich
Costume Designer - Paul Zastupnevich
In Charge of Production - William Self