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The focus of this page is any trivia, facts and information about anything relating to Land of the Giants. If you have any little interesting bits of information about Land of the Giants, please email IANN.

John Constable Paintings in the Land of the Giants

John Constable Paintings

Two John Constable paintings can be found in Marna's house in THE GOLDEN CAGE. If you watch the episode, you can see
John Constable's paintings of Dedham Lock and Mill and The Haywain hanging over the fireplace in Marna's lounge!

Dedham Lock and Mill

The Haywain

Windmill Near Wijk by Jacob Van Ruysdael

Windmill Near Wijk

Staying with the arts, we spotted Jacob Van Ruysdael's Windmill Near Wijk in the movie set for the episode COMEBACK. The giants obviously have fine art tastes and have somehow managed to acquire prints from Earth.

Windmill Near Wijk

Have you spotted any other Earth art in the Land of the Giants. If so, please do let us know via the IANN contact page.


Several of the Land of the Giants guest stars made very limited numbers of TV appearances and yet had an iconic status in the series. We thought it would be nice to have a picture tribute to them here. If anyone has any information on what they did after Land of the Giants, please do let us know.

Don Watters

Don Watters in The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

Don Watters in The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

Amber Flower

Amber Flower in Gunsmoke

Amber Flower in Gunsmoke



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