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Dangerous Mission Cast

As part of our extensive efforts to document the history of all of the Irwin Allen productions, we are trying to credit as many of the people who worked on them as possible, particularly the unsung heroes who often did not receive an on-screen credit. This is a gallery of the cast members of Dangerous Mission. We have not yet been able to identify some of the actors and actresses. If you can verify any of the missing performer names, please feel free to contact us. A considerable amount of time and energy is going into identifying and crediting all of these performers and it is a major team effort. If using any of this research, please contact us first and mention the IANN site as your source.

Anne Dore - Woman in Bar
Anne Dore - Woman at Hotel Shop
Hotel Bartender
Barman at Party
Bert Moorhouse as Battaglia
Bert Stevens - Indian ceremony extra
Bert Stevens - Hotel extra
Bess Flowers - Tall Party Guest
Betta St. John as Mary Tiller
Bill Dyer - Party Waiter
Bill White Jr. - Hotel clerk
Charles Cane - Charlie Barrett
Chester Hayes - Native American Man
Chester Marshall - Bellhop
Dennis Weaver - Pruitt, Ranger Clerk
Downriver Ranger
Female Party Guest
Female Party Guest
Female Party Guest
Female Party Guest
Female Party Guest
Female Party Guest
Woman at Party
Woman at Party
Woman at Party
Firefighter Operating Radio
Foster Phinney - Man at Party
Frank Griffin - Tedd, Desk Clerk
Frank Wilcox as Yonker's Lawyer
Fred Carson - Stunt Double for Victor Mature
George Hoagland - Male Party Guest
George Sherwood - Mr. Jones
Grace Hayle - Mrs. Alvord
Harry Cheshire as Mr. Elster
Harry Mayo - Man at Hotel
Helen Brown - Miss Thorndyke
Hotel Bartender
Hotel Operator
Jack Chefe - Party Caterer
James Conaty - Male Party Guest
Jerardo De Cordovier - Native American Man in Hotel Foyer
John Carlyle - Bellhop
Kem Dibbs - Johnny Yonkers
Male Party Guest
Male Party Guest
Man at Party
Male Party Guest
Male Party Guest
Male Party Guest
Male Party Guest
Man at Party
Man at Party
Man at Hotel Bar
Man in Hotel Bar
John, Man in Hotel Bar
Man in Hotel Bar
Man at Hotel Bar
Man at Hotel Shop
Native American Man at Reservation
Marlo Dwyer - Mrs. Elster
Maureen Stephenson - Mrs. Jones
Mike Lally - Firefighter
Monty O'Grady - Male Party Guest
Piper Laurie - Louise Graham
Ranger at Reservation
Richard Newton - Boone, Reporter
Robert Carraker - Traskins, Lead Fireman
Roy Engel - Hume, Fisherman
Russell Thorson - Downriver Radio Operator
Steve Darrell - Katoonai Tiller
Steve Rowland - Parking attendant
Stunt Bartender at Party
Trevor Bardette - Kicking Bear, Indian Chief
Victor Mature -  Matt Hallett
Vincent Price - Paul Adams
Virginia Linden - Woman at Party
Walter Reed - Ranger Dobson
William Bendix - Chief Ranger Joe Parker
Woman at Hotel Bar
Woman at Hotel
Woman at Hotel Shop
Maureen Stephenson - Mrs. Jones
Woman in Hotel Bar
Woman Outside Cocktail Lounge
Wymer Gard - Cobb