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Lost in Space

Lost in Space - Collectibles Gallery

2018 Calendar
3D Action Fun Game
AHI Robot
Altoids Sign
Aurora Cyclops
Aurora Cyclops and Chariot
Aurora Robot
Aurora Robot Kit 1
Aurora Robot Kit 2
Aurora Sealed Cyclops Kit 1
Aurora Sealed Cyclops Kit 2
Australia Video Cards
Autographed Cast Photo
B9 Bobble Head
Ben Cooper Costume
Board Game
Brazil Sticker Album
Bumper Sticker
Caricature Cards
Cast Signed Photo
Comet Jupiter 2
Cookie Jar
Franklin Robot
Full Size Robot
General Products Jupiter 2
Gold Key Comics
Icons Prop Replica Laser Pistol 1
Icons Prop Replica Laser Pistol 2
Icons Prop Replica Laser Pistol 3
Innovation Comics
Japanese Aurora Robot Kit
Japanese Candy Cards
Japanese Greeting Card
Japanese Card Game
Japanese Comic August 1966
Japanese Comic July 1967
Japanese Comic October 1966
Japanese Encyclopedia
Japanese Hardback Novel
Japanese Metal Robot Kit
Japanese Picture Book
Japanese Playing Cards
Japanese Record Book 1
Japanese Record Book 2
Japanese Robot Kit
Japanese Ticket Ads 1966
Japanese Trading Cards
Japanese Travel Board Game
Johnny Lightning
Jupiter 2 Bottle Opener
Jupiter 2 Gallery Edition
Laser Gun
Laser Pistol
Season 1 Laser Pistol
License Plate
Lunar Models
Lunch Boxes
Lunch Box and Thermos 1
Lunch Box and Thermos 2
Magic Eyes
Marusan Chariot
Marusan Dolls 1
Marusan Dolls 2
Marusan Don West
Marusan Dr. Smith
Marusan Judy Robinson
Marusan Jupiter 2
Marusan Jupiter II 1
Marusan Jupiter II 2
Marusan Maureen Robinson
Marusan Penny Robinson
Marusan Robot
Masudaya Robot
1985 Masudaya Robot
Masudaya Talking Robot
Mattel Roto Jet Gun
Mattel Switch 'n Go Playset 1
Mattel Switch 'n Go Playset 2
Media Mailers
Mini Mates
Model Building Accessories
Moebius Models B9 Robot
Moebius Chariot
Moebius Derelict
Moebius Jupiter 2
Moebius Lighting Kit
Moebius Prefinished Jupiter 2
Moebius Mini Robot
Moebius Pre-built Space Pod
Moebius Space Pod
Moebius Space Pod Models
Robot Pez
Polar Lights Cyclops
Polar Lights Jupiter 2
Polar Lights Robot
Polar Lights Smith and Robot
Press Kit 1
Remco Helmet
Remco Helmet 1
Remco Helmet 2
Remco Helmet and Gun
Remco Red Robot
Remco Robot
Remco Robot Black
Robot Bottle Opener
Robot Collections
Robot Costume
Robot Keyring
Robot Ornament
Rocket USA Robot
Roto Jet Sealed
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Science Fiction Letterheads
Sci-Fi Album
Sci-Fi Metropolis Don West
Sci-Fi Metropolis Dr. Smith
Sci-Fi Metropolis Dr. Smith Bust
Sci-Fi Metropolis John Robinson
Sci-Fi Metropolis The Keeper
Sci-Fi Metropolis Laser Pistol
Sci-Fi Metropolis Maureen
Sci-Fi Metropolis Replica Laser Pistol
Sears Switch 'N Go
S.F.M.A. Jupiter 2
Switch 'N Go
Television Age October 1976
Topps Cards
Toy Island Robot
Tray Puzzles
Trendmasters 10 Inch Robot
Trendmasters 2 Foot Robot
Trendmasters 7 Inch Robot
Trendmasters Chrome Robot
Trendmasters Cyclops
Trendmasters Don West
Trendmasters Dr. Smith
Trendmasters Judy Robinson
Trendmasters Jupiter 2
Trendmasters Tybo
Trendmasters Will Robinson
UK Calendar
Zippo Lighter

This gallery showcases Lost in Space collectibles and collections owned and shared by fans around the world. If you have any interesting Lost in Space collectibles that you think others would enjoy seeing, please feel free to email over some pictures and descriptions. Please let us know the name to credit with each photo (can be full name, nickname, initials etc). Thank you to everyone who has provided material for this gallery.