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Land of the Giants Season 1

Land of the Giants Season One Episode Guide

by Richard Ryan

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"It can't be, it just can't be!"

Oh yes it is:

Suborbital flight 612, bound for London, crash lands and its crew
and passengers soon realise that this not Earth...this is the
'Land of the Giants'.

*    This episode was directed by series producer Irwin Allen,
and took the longest of all the episodes to shoot (18 days).

*    The opening shots of the "spindrift" spaceship heading
through the storm carry a superimposed flight date of June 12
1983.  This date is producer Allen's birthday (born 12th June 1916)!

*    Preparation for this series began in 1967 with a short
filmed storyboard setting out the characters and situations
envisaged for the pilot show.Many of the names were changed by
the time this story was actually filmed.

*    Pat Michenaud (Giant boy) has been seen in Bravo's Time
Tunnel (Reign of Terror) also produced by Irwin Allen.


"What did I tell you, we're back on Earth- yeah, its about as
American as apple pie..."

     The little people come upon a town their own size. Only
Steve is unconvinced that they are not back on Earth.His fears
are proved correct as the group are subjected to a variety of
wicked pranks by a sadistic giant girl and her grandfather who
is unaware of the full extent of the girl's cruelty...

*    This was the 14th episode made and was selected as an early
episode by the network due to its strength.

*    The exteriors used for this episode were shot at 20th
Century Fox's Vermont lot which sadly no longer exists.

*    Writer William Welch was one of Irwin Allen's most prolific
scriptwriters and wrote episodes for each of Allen's four 1960's
series (Voyage to the bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Time
Tunnel and Giants) Previous to working for Irwin Allen, Welch had
been a speech writer for President Truman.

*    Guest artist Percy Helton (Akman) can also be seen in
Bravo's Wild Wild West and Green Hornet series.


"Some prowlers have broken in here, no, I didn't see them
exactly,I think that they are little people - that's right -
little people!"

     A Giant photographer brutally murders his model with the act
being witnessed by the little people.The photographer attempts
to frame an innocent tramp for the murder.Outraged by the
callousness of the act the little people must decide how to set
about clearing the giant tramp without getting caught

*    This was the series' most popular show during its first ever
network run in the 1960's.

*    The Giant camera prop is still in existence and is stored
at Universal Studios where it was on display for some years.

*    Director Harry Harris was a longtime associate of Irwin
Allen's.  Later he would win an Emmy for his work on the hit
musical series "Fame"!

*    Guest Artist Paul Carr (Photographer) can also be seen in
Bravo's Time Tunnel (End of The World and Revenge of The Gods)
and Green Hornet series.


"Me ,being wrapped into a package and mailed , like a common
cheese , like a fruit cake - ridiculous.."

     In an attempt to prevent the rulers of the Giant Planet's
totalitarian state obtaining a list of leaders of a pro democracy
subversive group, the little people must form an alliance with
a giant professor.  Can he be trusted, or his he a double agent
bent on simply handing the little people over to authority?

*    In this episode the audience is introduced to the Giants
culture as being somewhat totalitarian in nature, a theme that
is developed in further episodes.

*    During a scene where a "Giant" passes a Razor blade to
Fitzhugh a "normal" sized hand shadow can be glimpsed.  Such
oversights end up in shows from that period for a combination of

1)   Domestic video recorders were still 10 years away when the
show was aired and
2)   Tight shooting schedules dictated that some small errors got
left in on rare occasions.

*    Director Sobey Martin was a regular contributor to the
series and was renowned for his laid back approach.One of his
most oft heard directions was simply "Shoot it, Shoot it!".


"Here I am with a broken down carnival and absolutely no future
and look what's fallen into my lap, the greatest attraction a
tent show can have, two little people.."

     A hard up Gypsy captures Barry and Fitzhugh and sees this
as his golden opportunity for fame and fortune.
A dangerous escape is then organised using an improvised balloon
which is shot while in flight by the gypsy desperate to hold on
to his newly acquired mealticket.  

*    Clever editing is used in this episode during a scene with
"several" giant spark plugs. Even with a budget of $250,000 per
show -ground breaking in 1968- only one spark plug could be
afforded. Watch carefully how this problem was circumvented
during the show.

*    Writer Charles Bennett, who was English, worked with Allen
many times on several of his projects including the movie version
of "Voyage to the Bottom of The Sea".

*    Guest cast member Gerald Michenaud (Pepi) can also be seen
in Bravo's Time Tunnel (Rendezvous with Yesterday).


"Betty, don't you understand, we've got one hope for survival,
to make sure that no one else,no stranger, knows the whereabouts
of this ship"

     The little people come across a man from "Earth". Foolishly
he is allowed to go back to their spaceship. Only later do the
little people realise that he is a Giant spy miniaturised to
obtain crucial scientific information from our travellers about
space travel, including a proposed trip to ...Earth.

*    The science is very suspect in this story. Throughout the
series we are given the impression that giant technology is
behind ours and yet here they have the ability to shrink a giant
down to little people's size. Clearly a gimmick explained by the
fact that the writer (Peter Packer) was a somewhat eccentric
regular contributor to Allen's way out "Lost in Space" series.

*    This episode includes many scenes for Heather Young (Betty)
who in later episodes developed a habit of going AWOL without any
explanation from the scripts.

*    The optical effects work in Land of the Giants was generally
exceptional, however there are some very poor scenes during this
episode during a night scene in the forest.

*    Guest actor Linden Chiles (Joe/Logar) has been seen on Bravo
in The Twilight Zone and Time Tunnel (Day the Earth Fell Down).

7)   "MANHUNT"

"While you're out looking for rope,what happens to the ship-I
mean,how long before the ship sinks for good?"

     A giant criminal escaping from the police picks up the
spindrift with several of the little people aboard. Running
scared, he gets trapped in a pit of quicksand, as he sinks lower
the spindrift sinks with him, with the air running out an
ingenious escape plan is hatched..

*    Writer "Jay E. Selby" is actually Robert Lees who was an
accomplished comedy writer writing  shows for Abbott and Costello
and Jerry Lewis among many others.

*    Guest star John Napier was also in Bravo's Time Tunnel (The
Last Patrol).

*    This episode offers many views of the actual Spindrift model
as the Giant carries it around.


"Those fellows have scoop nets and you can bet they didn't come
to scoop butterflies.."

     The little people come upon a giant alarm clock and set
about using some radium from its face as replacement fuel for the
spindrift.As they start their task they witness two Giants
arriving with a new sound detector device for capturing little
people , surely the giants will find the ticking clock...

*    Writer Jack Turley also wrote for "Lost in Space" and was
persuaded to write for them by his good friend Anthony Wilson who
was associated with both shows.

*    During filming, the rope attached to Don Matheson
(Mark),helping him up the sound detector, came free and he
tumbled to the ground apparently in agony. His tears were
actually of laughter as he wondered how the scene had looked in
camera!  Mr Allen was greatly relieved.

*    The episode was shot in seven days between 6/11/67 and


"You rest now, don't worry about a thing,just make up your mind
that you are going to get well...after all you're rich now- a

     Barry is stuck down by appendicitis. Steve agrees to perform
the necessary operation but needs ether from a hospital. As the
little people sneak into the hospital to get some, they come upon
a particularly unpleasant janitor, evading him they get to the
ether only to be surprised by a giant doctor....

*    During a scene near the spindrift, actor Gary Conway (Steve)
accidentally calls Kurt Kasznar (Fitzhugh) by his real name of

*    Exteriors of the Hospital were shot at the entrance to
Twentieth Century Fox's stage 18. This was common in the series
and the location was used several times.The same area appears in
Irwin Allen's "Voyage" and "Lost in Space" shows plus the
"Batman" TV series from the same studio.

*    Guest star Paul Fix (Dr Brulle) was also in Bravo's "Time
Tunnel and "Get Smart".


"Before this night is over we plan to own a ruby of fabulous
proportions - Step 1: you boy will open the lock.."

     Fitzhugh is struck with amnesia and becomes involved with
a pair of small time giant crooks who wish to use him to open a
lock.  Barry attempts to rescue Fitzhugh unaware of his memory
loss, as he wakes the sleeping prisoner to get him to leave, Fitz
hands him over to the giants as a younger and more agile
accomplice to their scheme..
*    On a shelf in the giant crook's hideaway are two masks from 
Irwin Allen's "Lost in Space" series (There were Giants in the
Earth and Two Weeks in Space)

*    Music for the Party scene was Taken from Lost In Space.
*    This episode was originally entitled "Pigeon's Blood".

*    Guest artist Howard Culver also appeared in Bravo's Time


"We're finished unless we take the supreme risk of trying to
recapture our ship. We'll attempt it tonight after dark.."

     The little people come upon a person of their own size who
has been stranded on the giants' planet for many years. Now
living in a gopher hole he involves the little people in his
crazy plans for getting his old spaceship back...

*    Writer Ellis St Joseph wrote two giants episodes,
"Underground" and this one. He stated in a 1991 interview that
this was his favourite of the two. This episode is also a
favourite of many fans of the series.

*    In one scene an Earth wire is removed from a streetlamp
causing it to go out. Obviously no Institution of Electrical
Engineers on the Land of the Giants!
*    Guest star Glen Corbett had a long television and film
career stretching from 1950 to 1988. This included appearances
in "Star Trek" and "Dallas".


"That girl's a human being, no different from you or me. How
would you feel if you were locked in that bottle?"

     Steve and Mark come upon a beautiful girl (Marna) trapped
in a giant specimen jar. Despite the fact that it appears to be
an obvious trap for the little people, Mark seems strangely
compelled to investigate further. It transpires that she is the
daughter of an old friend of his lost some 15 years earlier...

*    This episode was shot a whole year before it was finally
aired, being shot between 27/11/67 and 5/12/67 airing for the
first time on 29/12/68.

*    Actor/stuntman Dawson Palmer was a regular (often
uncredited) on all of Irwin Allen's shows generally as a monster
in full makeup, in this episode we see what he really looks like
as he plays "first giant".

*    Guest star Celeste Yarnall can be seen in Bravo's Wild Wild
West.  Today she is a very successful real estate agent in
Beverly Hills.


"You know who we are and we know you were sent out here by the
giants to bring us in. Well it ain't gonna work like that..."

     The Earthlings are attacked and subdued by a group of
delinquent space travellers from Earth who were marooned on the
giants' planet some years ago. One of the group becomes a
prisoner of the giants and the others force our heroes to save
him or Valerie and Betty will be killed..

*    During the fight scenes between guest artist Zalman King and
Gary Conway, several of Conway's ribs were broken as King failed
to pull his punches.

*    This episode cost £201,666 to make with the giant box trap
costing £1,160. Remember, this is 1967 prices...

*    Guest star Zalman King starred in many TV productions from
1964 onwards and in 1980 started to write and produce his own
material including the movie "9 1/2 Weeks" in 1986.


"Alright my little friend, before you die from that foam,I want
you to tell me something that's very important - do you

     The little people discover an old communications station (in
a storm drain) capable of reaching Earth. Meanwhile, a giant
scientist has invented a "truth foam" that when sprayed upon a
suspect produces instant confessions. Steve becomes covered in
the foam minutes before the giant scientist discovers his foam
to be lethal!

*    The communications base is constructed out of portions of
the Time Tunnel complex from the series of the same name.

*    This was one of the first episodes (in production order) to
have the giants engaging in long conversations, previously their
speech was deliberately limited. This development allowed the
writers more scope to develop the giants as characters.

*    Guest star Warren Stevens is a veteran of many science
fiction series and is especially well known for his part as Dr
Ostrow in the classic "Forbidden Planet".   

15)  The Bounty Hunter

"I am used to making my own decisions Miss Scott - I know, I read
about you from rags to riches, Chairman of the Board of 17
companies before the age of 30, or was it 30 companies by the age
of 17!..."

     The little people face a new menace as the Giants start to
put up posters rewarding people for their capture.  As the stakes
rise, the Earth people find themselves in dispute over whether
they need the added protection afforded by a Giant's gun located
in a nearby tent...

*    This episode was produced early in the series (4th) and
underwent numerous rewrites to try to make it presentable.

*    Note the writing on the Giants tin can is not English.  The
decision to have Giants speaking English took place after this
segment was shot.  This obviously would enable more scope for
future stories.

*    Guest Artist Kimberley Beck started acting at the age of 2
years in the movie 'Torpedo Run' (as Glen Ford's daughter).  She
was 11 when she took this part.

16)  On A Clear Night You Can See Earth
"I'm telling you Fitzhugh, I saw it.  It's plain as day. - What
is it?  What did you see?  Tell me, tell me, what you saw. - I
saw Earth.  Earth!  I'm telling you... I saw Earth right through
this lens..." 

     A crazed Giant scientist has developed a type of special
binoculars that enable him to see in the dark and capture the
little people.  Aware of the potentially serious consequences of
this, they vow to destroy the invention, but this is not as easy
as it first seems as Steve becomes captured by the scientist...

*    Writer Sheldon Stark was asked to rework this story several
times during its development and despite his changes this story
is known to fans as 'the one where the little people behave
sadistically and out of character'.

*    The show is reputedly based on "Dr. Cyclops" a 1940's 'B'

*    Guest Star Michael Ansara was a popular actor during the
1960's and appeared in all of Irwin Allen's shows of the period. 
He was married to Barbara (I Dream Of Jeannie) Eden between 1958
- 1972.

17)  Deadly Lodestone    

"The only visitors we've had here in the last 72 hours have been
two squirrels, and I don't think they're working for Kobick!" 

     The little people face a new menace in the form of Inspector
Kobick, a member of SID (Special Investigations Department) a
group whose remit includes capture of our heroes.
     Kobick has with him a new device capable of detecting a
metal from Earth called "inella metal".  Several of the party
have items made from it, these are soon discarded with the
exception of Dan who has a pin of it in his leg from an Olympic
accident several years ago....

*    This episode was shot between 6.12.68 - 16.12.68 and first
aired on 2.2.69. it took 7 working days to shoot.

*    Guest Artist Sheila Matthews (Nurse Helg) was Mrs. Irwin
Allen, and featured in Allen's Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
and Lost In Space, in addition to this she has prominent roles
in the blockbuster movies "The Poseidon Adventure" and "The
Towering Inferno".

*    Guest Artist Paul Fix (Dr. Brulle) reprises his role here
from "The Creed".  Fix had a long movie and TV career including
parts in The Twilight Zone, Star Trek and The Wild Wild West and
films such as Hondo, Shenandoah and El Dorado.

18)  Night Of Thrombeldinbar

"To release Thrombeldinbar, put him in the paper bag, when the
moon comes up make a wish, and burn the bag, as the smoke rises
Thrombeldinbar is set free and then you get you wish..."

     It is the Night of Thrombeldinbar on the Land of the Giants,
a special night when cookies are left out for the elf type being
called Thrombeldinbar.  As Barry, Fitzhugh and Chipper head past
a house, a housewife accidentally drops a cookie meant for
Thrombeldinbar on the grass.  Fitzhugh goes to retrieve it, but
is captured by two orphan giant children who are convinced that
Fitz is the real Thrombeldinbar.

*    This episode was produced either side of Xmas 1968, which
may account for the 'fairy tale' atmosphere pervading it.  Yes,
even the Giants got Xmas Day off!

*    A highlight of this episode is an extremely strong musical
score provided by veteran composer Leith Stevens who did many
scores for the series.  His film work included the George Pal
classics "War Of The Worlds" and "When Worlds Collide". 

*    Guest Artist Alfred Ryder (Parteg) was a regular guest star
in many genre shows of the period including Star Trek, Outer
Limits and Voyage To the Bottom Of the Sea.

19)  Seven Little Indians

"Unless I'm mistaken, this tiny dog holds the key to all our
problems.  We'll have the little people within a week and we'll
be rid of them once and for all..."

     Inspector Kobick is overjoyed when he manages to catch the
Earthling's dog, Chipper.  He realises that they will, of course,
attempt to rescue him.  To bait his trap he puts Chipper on show
in the local zoo as the smallest dog in the world.
     Barry can't resist the obvious dangers of a rescue attempt.

*    Filming of the zoo scenes was done at Los Angeles Zoo on
Monday, 6th Jan. 1969.

*    An early version of the script has Steve and Dan running
down the back of a giant Rhino.  Presumably this was deleted as
being too costly to produce.

*    In one scene part of Gary Conway's hand disappears as he
moves out of his fixed area for matte purposes.

*    Guest Artist Cliff Osmond (Grotius) has acted steadily since
1962.  In 1980 he scripted the movie "The President Must Die".

20)  Target Earth

"Steve, I came back because Mark needed someone to help him and
because I'm sick and tired of running and hiding and living like
an insect in this giant grotesque world, you stay here but I want
to go back home..." 
     Escaping from Kobick and his men, Dan and Mark head into a
building via an air vent.  At the other side of the wall they
find themselves in a Lab run by giants who are working on a new
guidance system capable of navigating to Earth.
     Following a dispute within the group Mark decides to try and
negotiate a way home with the giants who need his skills to
complete their project..." 

*    In an internal memo to Irwin Allen about this episode it
states "we should have an indication that the machinery is now
in more active action - with sparks flying about etc., - for a
more interesting and action-filled end to the teaser".
     Fans of Allen's series will not find this difficult to
believe as this was really his trademark, in fact Allen was once
quoted thus "If I can't blow up the World in the first ten
minutes then the show is a flop!" 

*    Guest Artist Dee Hartford (Altha) was Groucho Marx's sister-
in-law and also appeared in Lost In Space.  Groucho Marx was an
associate of Allen's and funded much of his early career.

21)  Genius At Work

"Who are you? - Well my name's Revo - I've seen you somewhere or
a picture - I don't understand Inspector, what's this all about?
- I just spoke long distance to the real Mr. Revo and Judge
Modak, seems the judge hasn't tried a case in 3 months, I don't
know who you are or what you're up to but I'll find out..."

     Fitzhugh and Barry befriend a giant boy called Jodar who is
a chemical genius.  Jodar hands a pill he has developed to Fitz.
but he sneezes and Chipper eats it running off.  When the
Earthmen next see Chipper he is giant sized.  Fitzhugh then
becomes a giant as he too samples the pill..."

*    This slightly unoriginal premise is a direct lift from a
previous episode of Lost In Space (The Oasis) but here the
treatment is a little more credible.

*    This episode was shot either side of Thanksgiving Day on
28.11.68. and the cast and crew were given the day off with a
late start allowed on 29.11.68.  A late finish was also allowed
as shooting on 29.11.68 finished at 21.36 hours.

*    Guest Artist Ronny Howard (now Ron Howard) obviously
benefitted from the hard work and following his long run on
"Happy Days" and other shows has become a very well respected
movie director with hits like "Cocoon", "Splash" and recently
"Apollo 13" to his credit.

22)  Return Of Inidu

"It was a very good night for ghosts of all sizes according to
the boys, not only were they attacked by the smoking green
mammoth ghost but saw a whole cubby of little mini ghosts
gathering around.  Yes, it was quite an adventure set in the
spooky old woods where the lightning flashed and the wind

     During a fierce storm the Earth people find shelter in a
spooky old house and before long they witness strange apparitions
created by the magician named Inidu whom they befriend.  Inidu
has been framed for manslaughter as during one of his stage acts
a volunteer died, the little people become involved in an attempt
to clear his name...

*    This episode has no Betty or Barry in it with an explanation
that they are "back at the ship".

*    This is probably the most far-fetched episode of the first
series with key plot points relying on genuinely magical
explanations (like a live action Scooby Doo!).  Inidu can REALLY
transport objects around by "magic"!?!

*    Guest Artist Steven Marlo (Cop) was in several Giants
episodes taking small parts.  More importantly he was dialogue
coach for the whole series.

23)  Rescue

"Gedo, I want you to cover a possible escape route for those two
little people in the shaft.  Right about here, Lieutenant Emar
you go with   him.  Probe.  See just how extensive that blockage
to the drain really is..." 

     While pursuing the little people two giant children become
trapped in a collapsed shaft and it seems there is no hope of
escape for them as the giants are simply too big to reach them. 
An uneasy alliance is formed between the little people, Inspector
Kobick and the distraught parents of the children as the little
people offer assistance...

*    This episode was based on a true life case involving Cathy

*    Guest Artist Buddy Foster (Tedor) is actress Jodie Foster's

*    Guest Artist Lee Meriwether (a former Miss America) was a
regular on Bravo's Time Tunnel as Ann McGregor.  She also played
the role of Catwoman in the 1966 film of the series "Batman".

24)  Sabotage

     "Security Chief Bolgar and his assistant ... they've got us
trapped, Steve, they're coming at us with some kind of

     A fanatical Police Chief called Bolgar captures Dan and Mark
using a giant vacuum cleaner type device.  Bolgar is determined
to locate the rest of the party and prepares a truth serum for
use on them.  His overall plan is to cause a terrorist outrage
and pin the blame on the little people focusing public opinion
against them...

*    During the vacuum cleaner scene the harness pulling the
actors towards the "cleaner" can easily be seen.

*    We do not see an exterior of the Spindrift during this
entire episode.  It is thought that it was undergoing some mid-
season repair work by the production crew at this time.

*    Guest Artist Robert Colbert (Bolgar) was a series regular
on Bravo's Time Tunnel playing the role of Doug.  He was also in
Irwin Allen's TV Pilot "City Beneath The Sea".

25)  Shell Game

"You know there have been times since we crashed here that if I
never saw any of you again it'd be too soon.  Now with the
Spaceship gone...well, there was always some hope before..."     

     The little people come upon a family of fishing giants and
their deaf son.  Several of them become trapped in a giant shell
and brought into the giant's house where they are tipped out onto
a table to be found by the boy's parents who desperately need the
reward money due for the discovery of little people...

*    The shell was a spectacular leftover from the movie "Dr.

*    There are many scenes of giants with the model Spindrift in
this show and you can see, if you look carefully, that it loses
a front sensor during the shooting somewhere.

*    Guest artist Larry Ward (Talf) was also in Bravo's Time
Tunnel and Allen's Lost In Space series.

*    The boy Dal wears the same cardigan as Tedar from "Rescue". 
Presumably there is a Giant Marks and Spencer's out there!

26)  The Chase

"Captain Burton, we of the Government Authorities need the
services of yourself and one other of the men in your party, for
these services I am authorised to promise you the following,
release of the two hostages in my custody..." 

     Inspect Kobick coerces the little people to help him fight
an anti-Government "freedom" group planning to cause financial
ruin by massive counterfeiting of giant currency.
     The Earthlings find themselves trapped between two warring
sides as each side prepares differing threats to the group.

*    This was the Final episode of the first season both filmed
and originally aired.

*    Co-writer Arthur Weiss was originally a lawyer.  He wrote
several shows for "Giants" and Allen's "Voyage" series as well
as "Mission Impossible" and "Flipper".

*    Outdoor scenes were shot around Fox's outbuildings.

*    Guest Artist Erik Nelson (SID man) was also seen in "Seven
Little Indians" and will feature in several second season


Land of the Giants is copyright Irwin Allen Properties, LLC and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


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