Code Red - Irwin Allen

Code Red - The Land of Make Believe

Code Red - The Land of Make Believe

CODE RED - Episode 6

The Rorchek's are sent to do a pre-fire inspection of the movie set at Gorman Studios. Danny meets actor Seth Donaldson on the set and gets cast as his best friend in the movie in production. Unfortunately, the movie studio's violation of health and safety rules on the set endangers the production and its actors.


James Sheldon


George Geiger, Chris Bunch, Allan Cole

Guest Cast

Ray Walston - Asa Armstrong (Special Effects Man)
Peter Haskell - Barry Gorman (Producer and Director of the ailing production)
John Ratzenberger - Inspector Ray Allen (Fire Prevention Bureau)
Ken Swoffard - Ollie Thurman
Ronnie Scribner - Seth Donaldson
Ken Slattery

Other characters:

Donna Donaldson (Seth's mother)
Molly Higgins (stunt woman, doing stunts for Seth)
Assistant director

Date First Aired

29 November 1981


Alternative episode title is All that Glitters. Guest star Peter Haskell also guested in the Land of the Giants episode The Return of Inidu. John Ratzenberger is better known as Cliff Clavin in the comedy series Cheers.