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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Voyage au Fond des Mers DVD

Voyage au Fond des Mers Volume 1 DVD set

Some episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea are now available on DVD in French as Voyage au Fond des Mers (released 31st January 2012).  In France, Volume 1 is a 4 disk set containing the first 13 episodes of Season Two.

From the information available, the set sadly does not contain the original English version and there are no French sub-titles.  We don’t know why they’ve chosen to start with the Season Two colour episodes but that may be due to not having a version of Season One dubbed into French.  If anyone can provide further details on the planned French DVD releases, please contact us.

The episodes included in this half Season Two set are:

1. Jonas et la Baleine (Jonah and the Whale)
2. La bombe Vivante (Time Bomb)
3. … et nous Sommes Cinq Survivants (And Five of Us Are Left)
4. Le Robot (The Cyborg)
5. Le Prisonnier de Venise (Escape from Venice)
6. L’Homme au Bras de Fer (The Left-Handed Man)
7. La Soif du Pouvoir (The Deadliest Game)
8. Le Léviathan (Leviathan)
9. Le Pacificateur (The Peacemaker)
10. Les Saboteurs de l’Inconnu (The Silent Saboteurs)
11. Le Facteur X (The X Factor)
12. La Révolte des Machines (The Machines Strike Back)
13. Le Monstre de l’au-delà (The Monster from Outer Space)

The Voyage au Fond des Mers Volume 1 DVD set can be purchased on the French Amazon website (#ad) if in stock.