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The Time Tunnel

Time Tunnel 3D Model Construction

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The Time Tunnel with wireframe model overlay

The "Time Tunnel" model started out as a test to see if I could build it. 

I started with research to find what images and drawings are available.  It appears that the computer used in the "Time Tunnel" has made many appearances in various TV shows and movies.  I don't know anything about the actual mechanisms used so you'll have to excuse my guesses based on the pictures I found on the Internet.  It looks like it's built to copy portions of the Burroughs B-205.

I have to figure out what I'm looking at before I can build it.  I don't have to understand how it works, I just have to know what it is supposed to do so, I can figure out how it's built and connected.

This is my guess at the computer functional break down.  The center section of the computer, I'm guessing, is the main computational engine, and the computer sections on each side are input-output devices.  There are five, nine inch tape drives on each side.  The tape drives have the programs on the tapes and act like hard disks in computers today.  The tape reads in a portion of the program to be executed and stops.  The computer performs that function the calls the next command sequence which is needed.  The tape drive reads the next portion of the program and the process continues.

I had always thought that the lit towers in the background were part of the power system but those gray rack looking things hanging on them appear to me memory devices. 


They look sort of like the memory section shown but the bottom section does not appear to be components, they appear to be Ferrite Core memories.  That would make them a hybrid of period memory devices.  That means that the towers are actually part of a high-speed data transfer system.

My memory devices are made to represent the props used in the TV show rather than any attempt to represent the real memory devices and their circuit cards.

There is a mistake in my tower.  Something I didn't notice and haven't fixed yet.  The center lit portion of the tower is square with rounded edges and I have a large round tube and four smaller tubes which give the general shape.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.