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As part of our extensive efforts to document the history of all of the Irwin Allen productions, we are trying to credit as many of the people who worked on them as possible, particularly the unsung heroes who often did not receive an on-screen credit. This is a gallery of the cast members of Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. We have not yet been able to identify some of the actors and actresses. If you can verify any of the missing performer names, please feel free to contact us. A considerable amount of time and energy is going into identifying and crediting all of these performers and it is a major team effort. If using any of this research, please contact us first and mention the IANN site as your source.

Angela Cartwright - Theresa Mazzetti
Dean Ferrandini - Castorp
Jack Warden - Harold Meredith
Karl Malden - Wilbur Hubbard
Mark Harmon - Larry Simpson
Sir Michael Caine - Captain Mike Turner
Patrick Culliton - Doyle
Paul Picerni - Kurt
Peter Boyle - Frank Mazzetti
Sally Field - Celeste Whitman
Shirley Jones - Nurse Gina Rowe
Shirley Knight - Hannah Meredith
Slim Pickens - Dewey (Tex) Hopkins
Telly Savalas - Captain Stefan Svevo
Veronica Hamel - Suzanne Constantine