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Lost in Space The Derelict

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Lost in Space The Derelict
Released by Moebius Models in 2015 this is the 1/350th scale "The Derelict" from the classic '60's TV series "Lost In Space". This beautiful, pro built, museum quality model shows absolutely meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Construction features include the TenaControls LED lighting effects kit, which consists of 3 RGB color changing LEDs for the interior of the Derelict, and lighting for the interior of the Jupiter 2 and it's fusion core, plus a special Starling Technologies custom soundboard, which features a 2 minute 30 second sound bite from the show! The sound is activated manually by pressing the red button (momentary switch) on the right side of the display base. The model was carefully painted and detailed to resemble the color scheme of the Derelict "prop" as seen in episode 2 of the show! The model also comes with a custom gloss black acrylic display base which measures 12"d x 12"w x 2"h, and includes custom laser engraving on the front panel. A single on/off switch, hidden on the back of the display base, provides 9V power for the lighting and sound effects. The power is supplied by a 1.5 amp AC/DC converter. A special umbilical plug attaches to a port in the bottom of the Derelict so that the model can be removed from the base.

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