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Monogram Flying Sub Build

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Monogram Flying Sub Build
About the model:

This is the Aurora/Monogram 1/60th scale Flying Sub model. Pro built, this model shows absolutely meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail. Built as a "museum quality" piece, this build took 100+ hours over a span of 3 months. It required modifications to 14 of the 67 original parts, plus an additional 31 parts had to be fabricated, (no "aftermarket" parts were used), in order to make this custom Flying Sub model the most detailed build possible. The center hull section above the engine room was cut-away to reveal the inner workings of the engine room. I've also added a special control panel in the engine room with instrument lighting. This Flying Sub model can be displayed with or without the engine room cut-away section in place and I've also molded a clear hull piece to go over that area if you prefer. A new translucent floor area was also needed in order for the floor lighting to be accurate to the studio prop. That section was laser cut for perfect accuracy. Left and right cockpit side consoles were also added with the correct number of amber lights. Every light on the Monogram FS control panels is lit and detailed as well, plus I've added cockpit lighting. The 3 upper hull sections have been assembled as one seamless piece and the upper docking ring section was removed so you can see all the inner details. That same upper docking ring section is now a separate removable piece, so you can easily see into the interior (just like the Moebius design). The two cockpit figures have also been beautifully detailed. The pick-up hook on the bottom of the model was left out and that area was filled in order to provide much needed space for wiring. I used 17, 9 volt, 100K hour rated LED's which include 3 flashing LED's for the reactor wall. Everything that can be, has been detailed and lit on this model! The finish is in gloss automotive acrylic enamel, using the correct color yellow and blue to match the studio props. All the internal parts were detailed in enamel and everything was assembled using CA adhesives.

About the display case with custom stand:

The custom display case measures 12" x 12" x 8" and is made of gloss black acrylic and has a clear acrylic lid to protect the model and keep it dust free. Features include: Long life (100,000 hour) jumbo, diffused light, LED's in yellow, red, blue and green. Laser etched printing on the top indicating "MAIN POWER", "REACTOR", "KEEL HATCH" and "LAUNCH FS/1", plus the "N.I.M.R. FS-1 FLYING SUB" nameplate on the front. This is all accentuated by the circular metallic nickel finished radar screen, with the scanner arm sweeping across its face. The 9.5" diameter, custom built base that holds the model is made of .25" thick clear acrylic and was designed to angle the Flying Sub up slightly. Power comes from a pin that fits into the power feed port on the bottom of the model. Finally, there is a micro "ON/OFF" switch in the back of the gloss black base and a power port to connect up the required 9-volt transformer.

Photo Credits

David Holderbaum