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Moebius Flying Sub

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Moebius Flying Sub
From Irwin Allen's classic 1960's TV series "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" comes Moebius Model's 1/32nd scale Flying Sub. This beautiful museum quality model displays absolutely meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every possible detail. The interior control panels have been highly detailed using the Paragrafix brand photo etch/decal set, and the interior painting and weathering effects help to give it the look of the actual studio set. Additional features include a nicely detailed storage/bunk area with wet suits and scuba tanks, Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane figures at the controls, and my own custom LED lighting throughout. There are a total of 49 100K hour rated LEDs, which illuminate every possible light, both inside and outside the craft, plus I've added EL floor lighting from JAI. The engine lighting effects actually make the turbines appear to be spinning! A single "8 port" umbilical provides power to the model, and plugs into the bottom rear hull area, and is hidden by the custom display stand. There are four different "lighting areas" within the model, and each can be independently controlled by separate "on/off" switches that are located on the front of the 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 3" black acrylic display base. Those four areas include: "Main Power", "Reactor", "Engines" and the "Headlights". A high output, 9 Volt 3 Amp DC transformer powers everything with ease. The exterior was carefully painted using acrylic enamel to precisely duplicate the color scheme of the studio miniatures. A custom designed gloss black acrylic and black metallic vinyl base with the radar screen logo, the deluxe 2 piece stand and the "N.I.M.R. FS-1 FLYING SUB" which is laser etched on the front panel really help to set this build off! The base also has lights that come on when the power is turn on to each of the 4 "lighting areas" in the Flying Sub, plus there are 3 LED spotlights which illuminate the Flying Sub from the underside.

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David Holderbaum