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DeBoer Hulls Concept 2 Seaview

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DeBoer Hulls Concept 2 Seaview
This is the DeBoer Hulls 21st Century Concept 2 Seaview model. This wonderfully designed and beautifully streamlined 46" long submarine is constructed out of fiberglass and features a fully detailed nose compartment. I've added complete LED lighting to the model, including UV purple lights to the rear engine ports. The tri-tone paint scheme features Intermediate Blue on the upper hull, with slightly darker Gunship Gray accents and black pinstriping to help bring out more of the ships details. The lower hull features Flying Sub bay doors and was finished in Camouflage Gray. The missile hatches and conning tower doors were painted in a darker shade of the Intermediate Blue. For optimal visibility into the interior I decided to make my own custom acrylic windows for the nose, rather than use the thinner plastic material that came with the kit. Overall, building this kit was a very rewarding modeling experience, and I'm looking forward to building the 4 window version of this kit as well. I've also designed my own custom gloss black acrylic display base with a removable umbilical that connects to the bottom of the hull, and provides power via a 9 Volt 1 Amp DC transformer.

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David Holderbaum