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Lost in Space has inspired so much creativity from its fans and this page pays tribute to these unsung heroes who help to keep interest in Irwin Allen's work going. If you have any creative projects inspired by Lost in Space that you would like to share with others, please email IANN.

Hapgood's Travelin' Man

Hapgood's Travelin' Man

Kenneth Netzel Gallery

B9 ROBOT BY Jim Pinteralli

B9 Robot Montage by Jim Pinteralli

Replica Props

Replica Jupiter 2 Interior

Visit the Jupiter 2 Interior Feature Article and Gallery


The Dead Planet - A tribute to Lost in Space

Click here or on the banner above to enjoy the creative animation tribute to Lost in Space called The Dead Planet, currently in production by Scott Blais. This is an on-going piece of work, so please return to see more later. Enjoy!

Computer Design and Modelling

With access to some fantastic computer modelling software, both commercial and open source, fans now have many new tools for expressing their creativity. Shows like Lost in Space provide the inspiration for many forward thinking ideas.

CGI Chariot by Ian Emerson

CGI Chariot by Ian Emerson

Futuristic Designs by Richard Sierra

Richard Sierra's Futuristic Designs

Click here or on the image above to visit the gallery of Richards futuristing designs inspired by Irwin Allens television series.



Richard Salvucci Gallery


Mark Dorais Art Showcase


Kyle Clark Showcase


Kelvin Hendrey's Snow Robot

Snow Robot built by Kelvin Hendry in February 2009



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