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Irwin Allen DVDs


Note: The DVDs available at Amazon.de (Germany) will usually be PAL (Region 2) format unless otherwise stated in the Amazon item listing. Note however that they may not have an English audio soundtrack option. All the Amazon DVD/BluRay picture links below are affiliate links (#ad).

Several US market place sellers sell NTSC (Region 1) DVDs through Amazon.de and the format should be stated in the item listing. If you live overseas, you can usually play DVDs from other regions on multi-region DVD players. Please check whether your DVD player can play the specific region before purchasing any DVDs from Amazon.de.

Irwin Allen PAL Region 2 DVDs available at AMAZON.DE


NTSC Region 1 DVDs available through AMAZON.DE

UK and German viewers will need a multi-region DVD player to watch these DVDs

Blu-Ray High Definition available at AMAZON.DE