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In July 1991, we arranged a trip to the US and on 15th July met up with Paul Zastupnevich with whom we had been corresponding for over a year. Paul kindly agreed to participate in an interview so we found a restaurant along Sunset Boulevard and had a relaxed meal whilst chatting with Paul about his work. At the end of the evening, Paul handed us a present wrapped in Christmas paper, and inside we found an LA T-shirt with an inscription and Giants logo drawn by Paul.


On learning that we were coming over to LA, Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith in Lost in Space) arranged to take us out for the day. He picked us up from our hotel and took us for a drive around Beverly Hills and then took us to Twentieth Century Fox for lunch. Jonathan had hoped to introduce us to Kevin Burns (producer of The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen), and left a message for him at the entrance gate. Jonathan took us for a stroll around the studios, taking us into Studio 10 where Lost in Space had been filmed. No Jupiter 2 in Studio 10 that day, however. Jonathan treated us to a lovely lunch in the Twentieth Century Fox Commissary. Unfortunately, Kevin was busy and unable to join us, so after lunch we continued on our tour of LA with a drive downtown, taking in the sights of some of Jonathan's favourite places including the opera.


On 24th July 1991, we gathered at Gary Conway's office and met up with Gary, Deanna Lund, Don Matheson and Stefan Arngrim. This was a wonderful opportunity for a group interview including a chat with Heather Young by telephone. After our chat, we went outside into the heat of the sun for a photo session. Stefan joined us for lunch and in the afternoon sat down with us for an interview.



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