Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Tele Color - Explosion Submarina!

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Tele Color - Explosion Submarina!
Tele Color was a Spanish language comic featuring a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea inspired comic strip called "Aventura en el Fondo Del Mar". Published by Bruguera in the mid-1960s. In Spain the TV series was called Viaje al Fondo del Mar and the show was hugely popular there with many collectibles, publications, and spin-offs like this comic.

Bruguera held the publishing rights for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comics in Spain at that time, and for some reason chose to also create a comic strip which was heavily influenced by the premise of the show.

These comic books feature the adventures of the Squalus, an atomic submarine which belongs to the CMIC, Worldwide Scientific Research Center, which, in turn, belongs to the UN. under the command of Admiral Ferguson, and Captain Delmar (inspired by Voyage's Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane).

Victor Mora (aka Victor Alcázar) wrote almost all the adventures for Spanish comics characters since the 1950s and Escandell drew 73 episodes, one each week, plus the three Viaje al Fondo del Mar comic-books.

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