Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea



The Seaview Crew produced 34 issues of the Scuttlebutt newsletter between 1991 and 2000. In addition, they also produced some one-off fiction zines.

IANN VOYAGE 97 TRIBUTE, Revised March 1998

The Voyage 97 Tribute was our way of making sure that Paul Zastupnevich is remembered for his vast contributions to all of the fantasy worlds of Irwin Allen, especially Voyage in which he appeared a number of times as a guest (under the name Paul Kremin). Paul was to have been the special guest at the Voyage 97 convention in England and this tribute enabled him to still be part of the convention. The Voyage 97 Tribute has been revised, with some corrections and the inclusion of the Voyage question/answer panel at Starcon. The reprinted book is over 170 pages plus many colour and black and white lasers. Included is much background research which is our main area of interest.

SEAVIEW PERSONNEL FILE from the Seaview Crew

The Seaview Crew premiered its Personnel File at Voyage 97 and they introduce each of the main characters with accompanying pictures.

VOYAGE 97 Convention Booklet

The Voyage 97 convention booklet is worth having for the centre page artwork alone...a beautiful Seaview and Flying Sub scene from professional artist Graham Bleathman...There is a tribute to Paul Z. who was to have attended the convention, and a personal view on Irwin Allen from Pat Jenkins. Richard Ryan takes us through those magical special effects, leading up to his talk at the convention itself. There is also a report from one of the convention charities, The Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

Voyage 97 Fiction

As part of the convention there was a fiction competition and this resulted in a 133 page fiction zine. The convention doesn't have any more copies available.

FROM THE DEPTHS (September 1996)

An energetic letterzine with many new and on-going debates and discussions. It is a little like a written chat-line in the sense that there are responses to comments, questions etc in previous issues (can you imagine the phone bills if there were a VOYAGE chat line!!) BTW, there are Internet relay chat sessions, a bit like CB except typed, but when initiated by US fans, European fans should expect to be up late at night to participate. I have participated in one interactive discussion, but even with just four people, we quickly found that there were some 4 discussions going on at the same time, and you soon lost track of which question people were answering (best used for 'discussions' between just two people to avoid confusion). Back to From the Depths, it is very apparent that readers are enjoying the thought provoking discussions, and the humour. The highlight of the issue is a synopsis, review and memories of Cris' and Gill Trevor's visit to the U.S. to see David Hedison in ROUGH CROSSING by Tom Stoppard.



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