Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The 4 Window Seaview

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The 4 Window Seaview
Large-scale "Seaview" submarine replica from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - (ABC-TV, 1964-1968) This one of a kind recreation, with front cast directly from the surviving nose portion of the original miniature was developed for "The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen." It is dimensionally identical with the original filmed miniature but to a Museum Quality standard of fit and finish, well beyond that found on the original miniature. The accurate, five color airbrushed paint finish represents the colors and weathering as it appeared while in "Flying Sub" configuration from 1965-1968. Development took well over two years of spare time effort. Everything found on the "Hero 8 Footer Miniature" is found in and on this flawless recreation.

Constructed of hand molded epoxy resin and multiple layers of fiberglass/carbon fiber composite. Numerous precision machined brass and bronze detail components as well as where high tolerance moveable parts require free movement. Immersible for filming and is equipped with brass plumbing for bubble effects along the hull side "chines" and inside of the engine nacelles.

Stainless steel air-flask is included and is ready for connection for operation if need be. Correctly located external toggle switches control tail lights, conning tower (sail) navigational lamps, underside lathe turned acrylic flood lamps, lathe turned acrylic headlight and sleeve, translucent and detailed "Observation Nose Interior" all fully duplicating the lighting characteristics and appearance of the original. Fully functioning filming miniature with: all lights as per original, brass tubing bubble generator tubes in side chines with numerous .014" diameter holes for bubble generation, engine exhausts tubes in nacelles ends ahead of internal diving planes, valve stems protruding through the fourth pair of missile hatches, synchronized double door, cable operated remote brass linkage and hinges to "Diving Bell/Mini-sub" hatch, fully detailed translucent acrylic "Observation Nose Interior" with hand made girders, spiral staircase and three hand painted figures in color correct character costumes, moveable and operable: linked triple rudders, outer most pair in brass, linked internal dining planes and conning tower diving planes. Lost wax cast bronze; Radar, opening deck escape hatches, conning tower doors, deck walkways, etc. Fiberglass/carbon fiber and epoxy composite construction throughout. If one desires an absolutely accurate recreation of this famed miniature, this is the one and only one that will ever be. Dimensions: Length 103 inches overall x 22 inches wide and weighs 40+ lbs. Comes with solid walnut display stand.

Sold for $20,000 plus fees at the Profiles in History Icons of History Auction, 15-17 December 2011.

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