Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Seaview metal wrench

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Seaview metal wrench
Futuristic Seaview metal wrench from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TCF TV, 1964-1968). This tidy 10 x 3 x .5 in. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea prop was created in the famed prop department of 20th Century-Fox studios, alongside pieces for Irwin Allenís other TV series, Lost in Space and Time Tunnel, and the 1960s Batman TV series. The futuristic specialty tool is made of precisely folded and welded aluminum. This unique wrench features a triangular sprocket for an otherworldly lug nut and a painted orange racing stripe (orange being Allenís favorite color). In production-used good condition.

Note that this wrench is clearly seen in the episode of The Lost Bomb, as well as episodes of Lost in Space.

Lot 349 sold for $750 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 56 held on 28 July 2013.

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