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Niolani Costume

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Niolani Costume

This is a costume design created for the character Niolani (misspelled as Neolani) played by Francine York, seen in Lost in Space Season 2, Episode 25: The Colonists, initially aired on 15 March 1967. While the Robinsons set up an array of radio dishes, a harsh feedback noise sounds though the system and fries all communications. A woman's voice, that orders them to surrender, is the only thing they can hear. The Robinson children and the Robot are then taken prisoner by alien guards while the adults are approached by a warrior woman named Niolani who has the men taken as slaves. Niolani has the men build her a transport arch so that her people can come to the world and colonize it as part of her female-dominated empire. Meanwhile, Will and Robot come up with a plan to sabotage the arch so everyone can escape.

Several pencil details handwritten and signed by Paul Zastupnevich.

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