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Towering Inferno Photos

Firemen on The Peerless Building
Paul Newman and Steve McQueen
Susan Flannery falls from The Towering Inferno
Paul Newman and Faye Dunaway
The Towering Inferno Cast
Steve McQueen
Paul Newman
Faye Dunaway and Paul Newman
Paul Newman, O J Simpson and Norman Burton
Faye Dunaway
Steve McQueen and fire fighters
Steve McQueen
Chief O'Hallorhan lowered onto the tower
Steve McQueen about to get soaked
Fire in elevator
The Tower Ablaze
William Holden as James Duncan
Fighting for the Breeches Buoy
Fred Astaire as Harlee Claiborne
Steve McQueen clings to Ernie Orsatti
Paul Newman amongst burnt wreckage
Promo Reel Title Card
Steve McQueen
Paul Newman and Faye Dunaway
Fred Astaire and Jennifer Jones