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Nautilus Miniature from The Return of Captain Nemo

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Nautilus Miniature from The Return of Captain Nemo
Nautilus miniature filming sub from The Return of Captain Nemo (Irwin Allen Productions, 1978). A miniature 15 x 22 x 94 in. detailed model of "Captain Nemo's" submarine “The Nautilus” from the TV movie The Return of Captain Nemo produced by the legendary Irwin Allen, aka: "Master of Disaster". The sub is featured in the scene where “Professor Waldo Cunningham” (Burgess Meredith) launches a nuclear missile at Washington, D.C. But the Nautilus intervenes firing a laser and destroying the warhead. Consisting of expertly gold-painted fiberglass with side fins as well as a unique arrow-shaped tail fin. There are two red lights on each side of the turret and two propellers at the rear. Bay doors on the bottom of the vessel open. There are tiny square plastic portholes dotting the hull, the turret and the nose of the ship. Mounted at the front of the sub’s turret is the posable miniature ray gun used to thwart the nuclear attack. Internal wiring and gears are present, used to facilitate lighting the ship’s portholes, turning of propellers, etc. Irwin Allen props and models are rare to the collector’s market. This sub exhibits production-wear, light paint chipping and some rubbing. Overall, in very good condition. Electronics untested.

Lot 541 sold for $5000 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 56 held on 28 July 2013.

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