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Anti-Matter Robot

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Anti-Matter Robot
B9 hero-Robot, Golden-Boy Robot, Deep-Space stunt Robot, and Anti-Matter Robot.

All made from the Polar lights model kit with some enhancements and scratch-built parts.

- B9 hero-Robot details: enhanced radar neck-section, power-pack, with green-border.
Chest-plate top two-buttons drilled-out. Inserted clear-buttons which light up and red-chest light. Cuffs-enhanced more realistic and highlighted brain details and head can turn!

- Anti-Matter Robot from The Anti-Matter Man: Beautifully painted and chest light is green. Note, the green does not show well in photos.

- Golden-Boy Robot from the episode Cave of the Wizards. Amazing gold-paint and details. White-light in chest.

- Deep-Space stunt Robot: Appeared mainly in these episodes: Condemned of Space, The Anti-Matter Man and Junkyard in Space.

Photo Credits

Jerry Von Mueller