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Seaview Left Side

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Seaview Left Side
Built as a "museum quality" piece, this seamless and beautifully detailed build took 70+ hours over a span of 2 months. The model is finished in Intermediate Blue on the upper hull, and Camouflage Gray enamel on the underside. Iíve also replaced the original front windows (which have optical distortion) with my own custom made, optically clear/distortion free windows, which allow you to easily see inside. 29 additional parts were fabricated, (no "aftermarket" parts were used), including two additional girders in the control room, and a translucent white ceiling panel. I used 18 - 9 Volt, 100K hour rated LEDs, plus 4 more inside the Flying Sub! All the internal control room parts were detailed in enamel, and Paragrafix brand decals were applied.

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David Holderbaum