Lost in Space

Bill Hedges Replica Jupiter 2 Interior

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3rd Season Flight Console Radar 
Cabin Pressure Control 
Center Console
Center Console 
Circuit Board Cabinet 
Circuit Board Cabinet
Circuitry Wall 
Detail of Center Flight Console 
Door and Airlock Panel 
Dr Smith's Stash of Alien Objects 
Dr Smith's Tape Recorder and Penny's Book 
Early Plywood Frame Up of Xmtr 
Electrodata Console 
Flight Console Radar 
Hot Wire Control Panel 
Hyperatomic Missile 
Jupiter 2 Equipment 
Lineal Acceleration Panel 
Master Flight Console 
Night Sky With Meteor Streak
Observatory With Robot Control Panels 
Original Freezing Tube Panel Behind Penny 
Original SAGE Radar Input Panel 
Pilot Chair And Magna Panel 
Porthole and Intercom 
Power Control Panel 
Power Pack Charging 
Priplanus Cyclorama
Priplanus Cyclorama
Priplanus Cyclorama
Replica SAGE Panel 
Robot Control Panel And Original SAGE Power Panel 
Star Trek Lost in Space Crossover Prop 
Stateroom With Bed and Desk Down 
Stateroom With Bed and Desk Folded Up 
Transmitter Microphone and Radio Direction Finder
Transmitter Playing DVD Movie 
Transmitter With White Screen
Vertical Scanning Radar