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The following gives a list of fanzines and newsletters dedicated to Lost in Space. With the emergence of the Internet, more and more fan publications have moved on-line. Copies of past newsletters may still be available, and will surely one day become collectors items.

ALPHA CONTROL from LISA (Summer 1996)

Issue 16 was a welcome arrival following much confusion after the 'final' issue presented by part of the old LISA committee. This latest magazine shows that the committee are still committed to producing a regular magazine, and that LISA is as busy as ever. The cover features a photo and artwork (by Frantz Cantor) of Mark Goddard leading into a new interview with Mark. There are insights into the 'Lost in Space' movie scheduled for production next year. Dai Buckley and Ron Gross give us a view into the Jupiter II together with analysis and articles from William Anchors, Gary Stork and John Parkinson. Chris Meys inventively produces a levitating Jupiter II. Matthew Alister brings us fiction in the form of 'The New, the Younger and the Safer!' Milly Vranes studies what is going on on the net. The centre pages are filled with two superb pieces of art from Mark Dorais and John Parkinson. There are letters from both Jonathan Harris and Deforest Kelley, Glenn Ware reviews the 30th Anniversary cast meeting in December 1995, Stuart J. Rawe looks at references to Irwin Allen shows elsewhere, Dai Buckley elaborates on the hydroponic garden, Steven Cateris gives a convention review, there is a profile on John Williams and as always a good array of letters to the editor.

LISFAN monthly

Flint Mitchell regularly sends out his new monthly newsletter. Each issue is full of the latest news clippings from the worldwide media, primarily covering the new movie and its cast members. The new movie has spawned a lot of interesting articles and much discussion on cameos to be played by some of the original cast (Mark Goddard, June Lockhart, Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen will appear). In the April issue Flint includes obituaries for Larry Stewart who was the casting director for 'Lost in Space'. There is so much to read on this film which is still in mid-production and a year away from release. Flint reviews the latest 'Lost in Space' fan journals and web sites and is experimenting with welcome scanned photos. There is significant focus on the Robot in these magazines, with a lot of discussion on building your own. He also includes a regular question and answer column.


Issue 17 arrived recently from Australia with some fun pictures of Mark Goddard and Marta Kristen on the cover. These lead nicely to the second part of the interview with Mark Goddard, who has recently been special guest of honour in Australia at the Major Don West 1997 Blast-Off Tour. There is much coverage of the new movie including introductions to each of the new cast members, plus the original cast members appearing. Also featured are The Jupiter II files, an article on Cybernetics and Robotics, a special item on a home built Robot, a tribute to Tiny Tim, Albert Salmi, Seth Mumy (6 year old son of Bill Mumy) and convention reports. There is analysis of the origins of the name Zachary Smith, the episode Rocket to Earth, and the links between the Irwin Allen shows. There is fine artwork throughout.


The Brazilian 'Lost in Space' fan club recently sent us their magazine, running to 23 pages (not in English), and it includes a lot of information and credits for the cast of the series. The credit listings include a number of pictures, and there is a photo I haven't seen before of Bob May holding a small model of the Robot. There is also some art, plus a credit listing for Irwin Allen. We wish this publication much success.


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