Lost in Space

Lost in Space Trading Card Set

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Lost in Space Trading Card Set
Complete Lost in Space Trading Card Set with one wrapper (20th Century Fox TV, 1965 1968). A complete, 55-card set released in 1966. This very popular TOPPS trading card set portraying scenes in black and white on the front of card from the 1st season of the Sci-Fi classic Lost in Space TV show. A futuristic Swiss Family Robinson story, the cards depict images of the modern day Robinson family marooned in outer space. The cast is featured as well as the show's most popular creatures like "the Robot", the "One Eyed Terror", and even "the Bloop!" On the back are exciting descriptions of depicted scenes. Many of these individual cards are hard to find in any condition. A complete mint set with one display wrapper is indeed a rarity.

Item lot 344 at the Profiles in History The Dreier Collection Part 1 on 28 July 2012.

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