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Lost in Space Switch 'N Go

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Lost in Space Switch 'N Go
Mattel 1966 Space Productions Inc. This is the store version of this toy which comes in an illustrated box. A Sears exclusive version came in a plain cardboard shipping box. 19.75x20x8.25" deep box contains near complete set, missing only flying wire and master air control pump. Box has moderate scattered wear and even aging to bare cardboard section. Wear is most notable to the side flaps of the box, which have creases and surface paper lift from wide tape strips. Overall Fine. Main item is large styrofoam "Jupiter 2" two-piece spaceship 18" in dia. by 7.5" tall. Came w/two sheets of labels, one is unused and some have been neatly applied at appropriate spots. Half of the labels remain unused and attached to sheet. The spaceship shows only light wear/aging, VF. Next is 7.5" long hard plastic chariot. Working and complete w/radar, missile and suitcases. Has complete set of nine plastic figures - Robot, Will, Maureen, Professor John (w/rocket pack), Penny, Don, Judy, Dr. Smith and Bloop. Chariot/figures are Exc. Has cardboard targets and backdrop scenery. These pieces show lt. scattered wear from use. Fine/VF. Remaining items include track, switches, connectors, joiners and plugs. Set shows some wear from use and includes detailed instruction booklet. This has light cover wear, VF. An exceptional toy and a rare Lost In Space item, especially in this condition.

Sold at the Hakes auction #208 for $917.12 (incl. buyer's premium) on 21 March 2013.

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