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Sears Exclusive Lost in Space Switch 'N Go Toy

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Sears Exclusive Lost in Space Switch 'N Go Toy
Sears Exclusive Lost in Space Switch 'N Go Toy. Mattel 1966 Space Productions Inc. This is the Sears mail-away catalogue item, not the store version which came in an illustrated box. The plain cardboard box is complete with the Sears mailing label. Box is 20x20x9" deep. Set is 100% complete including detailed instruction booklet. Main item is the large styrofoam "Jupiter 2" two-piece spaceship 18" in dia. by 7.5" tall. This set came with 2 sheets of labels, both standard issue as well as foil, and some of both have been neatly applied at appropriate spots. About half of the standard labels remain unused and attached to sheet. Next is 7.5" long hard plastic chariot. Working and complete with radar, missile and suitcases. Has complete set of 9 soft/hard plastic figures which are "Robot, Will, Maureen, Professor John (with rocket pack), Penny, Don, Judy, Dr. Smith and Bloop." Chariot/figures are Exc. Has cardboard targets and backdrop scenery. Remaining items include track, air-control pump, switches, connectors, joiners and plugs. Both the flying wire and robot wire are here and used to connect the robot and Professor John to the chariot. An exceptional toy and a rare Lost In Space item.

Sold at the Hakes auction #192 for $1,993.05 (incl. buyer's premium) on 27th September 2007.

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