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Lost in Space Record Book 1

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Lost in Space Record Book 1
1966 Japanese Lost in Space record and book produced by Asahi Sonorama. Lost in Space aired in Japan in the 1960s under the name "Uchuu Kazoku Robinson" which translates as "Space Family Robinson". The title of the record book is "Lost in Space: Space Ship Jupiter 2". This 12 page booklet features stunning Lost in Space artwork by Takumi Horie and a sonosheet (7" vinyl 33 1/3 rpm double sided record).

Side A
1. Lost in Space's Theme by Isao Tomita (Original Japanese Music)
2. Drama: Space Ship Jupiter-2 Part-1 (by Japanese Voice Cast)

Side B
1. Drama: Space Ship Jupiter-2 Part-2 (by Japanese Voice Cast)

Sold on Ebay for $202.50 on 24 September 2013.

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