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90 Autographed Original Lost in Space Scripts

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90 Autographed Original Lost in Space Scripts
Unique autographed collection of 90 original scripts from the Lost In Space TV series (CBS-TV, 1965-1968). Complete set of scripts for all 83 episodes aired, 2 drafts for the Pilot film, and 10 working scripts that were the personal copies of Bob May, who played the Robot. The complete set of 83 scripts are shooting scripts. Revision pages that were issued to these scripts prior to filming are included. Some highlights are: 2nd Revised Shooting Final and 5th Revised Shooting Final drafts of the Pilot film "No Place To Hide," made to sell the TV series to CBS. Footage from the Pilot was later incorporated into several first season episodes. 10 working scripts that belonged to Bob May, in which he highlighted his dialogue. Nine of these scripts include his handwritten notes and new dialogue additions, made while filming the episodes. 2nd Revised Shooting Final script of the first episode, "The Reluctant Stowaway," signed on the title page by Jonathan Harris, Bill Mumy, June Lockhart, Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, and Marta Kristen at their first reunion convention in Boston. 77 autographs or signed inscriptions from the following cast members and production staff who worked on the show: actors who starred in the series include Jonathan Harris (signed twice), Bill Mummy (signed twice), June Lockhart (signed twice), Angela Cartwright (signed twice), Mark Goddard (signed twice), Marta Kristen, Bob May and voice artist Dick Tufeld, who performed the voice of the Robot. 32 Guest stars: Ted Lehmann, Charles Dierkop, Michael J. Pollard, Michael Ansara, Liam Sullivan, Mercedes McCambridge, Werner Klemperer, Royal Dano, Melinda Fee, Peter Brocco, Malachi Throne, Henry Jones, Allan Melvin, John Abbott, Dennis Patrick, Hans Conreid, Fritz Feld (signed twice), Al Lewis, Don Matheson, Francine York, Robert Pine, Arthur Batanides, Lou Wagner, Lew Gallo, Dan Travanti, Joe Tata (signed twice), Lyle Waggoner, Leonard Stone, Arte Johnson, John Crawford and Gil Rodgers. 9 Directors: Leo Penn, Alvin Ganzer, Paul Stanley, Sutton Roley, Harry Harris, Nathan Juran, Don Richardson, Robert Douglas and Ezra Stone. 9 Writers: Norman Lessing, Jackson Gillis, Shimon Wincelberg, Herman Groves, William Woodfield, Carey Wilber, Wanda Duncan, Margaret Brookman Hill and Jack Turley. 6 Music composers: John Williams, Richard LaSalle, Robert Drasnin, Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner and Gerald Fried (signed twice). Additional signatures include Art Director Bob Kinoshita, Costume designer Paul Zastupnevich, Director of photography Gene Polito, Make-up artists John Chambers and Dan Striepeke. Additional material includes 11 Xeroxed pages of Lost In Space photos and concept sketches received from Bob Kinoshita, who designed the Robot in Lost In Space, and Robby The Robot in the classic 1956 film Forbidden Planet. Letters from Richard LaSalle, Paul Stanley, Ted Lehmann, Margaret Brookman Hill and Robert Pine. The autographs on the "The Reluctant Stowaway" script were obtained in person. The remaining autographs and signed inscriptions were obtained through correspondence in the early 1990s, and were signed on photocopied script title pages or other sheets sent to the actors, directors, writers, etc., and have been inserted into the scripts.

Item sold for an $30,000 at the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 43 on 17th December 2010.

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